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Leadership and military training aren’t the only immersive experiences at the United States Air Force Academy. Cadets jump into well-rounded, innovative academic programs and hands-on, real-world research opportunities to prepare for the global society that awaits them after graduation.

A number of these programs are consistently ranked by U.S. News and World Report in their Best Colleges lists. Explore the list below to see which major or minor is the right fit for you and your career.


Cadets can declare a major from day one, but it’s recommended that you wait until later in your fourth-class (freshman) year to allow for course adjustments during your first semesters. To declare a major, meet with your Associate Air Officers Commanding for Academics (AAOCAs). Cadets must declare a major by October of their third semester.

Download the Curriculum Handbook to learn about prerequisites and what semester they must be fulfilled so you can stay-on-track for successful program completion.

Majors’ Night

Each semester, the Academy hosts Majors’ Night to help cadets explore their options by speaking with department representatives and consulting with academic advisors or AAOCAs. See the Academic Calendar for upcoming Major’s Nights.

Declaring Minors or Multiple Majors

In addition to their primary program of study, cadets can earn a minor or multiple majors. Contact your academic advisor for details.

Learn about grading and accreditation 

Want to Attend the Academy?

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