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Let your passion meet your purpose. No matter what major you declare, you have a team on your side. Our diverse and talented faculty members are leaders in their field and barrier breakers in their own right—whether in the laboratory, academia, or in air and space. Our small class sizes and open-door policy fosters a culture of collaboration between faculty and cadets. You will be supported, inspired, and challenged as you take your lessons from the classroom and into the future.

Aeronautical Engineering Data Science Mathematics
Astronautical Engineering Economics Mechanical Engineering
Behavioral Sciences Electrical Engineering Meteorology
Biology English & Fine Arts Military & Strategic Studies
Chemistry Foreign Area Studies Operations Research
Civil Engineering Geospatial Science Philosophy
Computer Engineering History Physics
Computer Science Legal Studies Political Science
Cyber Science Management Systems Engineering
Divisional Majors

The divisional major program is recommended for cadets already declared in a disciplinary major within the respective division who, for a variety of reasons, find the divisional approach more suited to fulfilling graduation requirements. Since the divisional majors lack the structure of a disciplinary major, they are generally not appropriate paths for cadets who may be interested in graduate school as additional undergraduate coursework in the selected discipline will likely be required prior to entering graduate school.

Entry into a divisional major is generally done at the direction of a disciplinary advisor and must be approved by the Division Chair or the Divisional Major Advisor-In-Charge (AIC). The AIC will advise cadets on the specific requirements of the major appropriate to their individual circumstances.

Basic Sciences General Engineering Humanities Social Sciences
Airpower Studies Global Logistics Management Robotics
American Studies High Performance Computing Russian
Arabic Japanese Space Warfighting
Chinese Nuclear Weapons & Strategy Spanish
Diversity & Inclusion Philosophy Sustainability
French Portuguese
German Religion Studies
Majors’ Night, Declaring, and Multiple Majors & Minors

Each semester, the Academy hosts Majors’ Night to help cadets explore their options by speaking with department representatives and consulting with academic advisors or AAOCAs. See the Academic Calendar for upcoming Major’s Nights. Cadets can declare a major from day one, but it’s recommended that you wait until later in your fourth-class (freshman) year to allow for course adjustments during your first semesters. To declare a major, meet with your Associate Air Officers Commanding for Academics (AAOCAs). Cadets must declare a major by October of their third semester. In addition to their primary program of study, cadets can earn a minor or multiple majors. Contact your academic advisor for details. Download the Course of Instruction Handbook to learn about prerequisites and what semester they must be fulfilled so you can stay-on-track for successful program completion.

Our academic departments are enhanced by the following programs:

Academic Success Center: A rigorous academic program requires rigorous support. Get help with time management, reading and writing strategies, and extra support with STEM courses through the Quantitative Reasoning Center.

Service Academy Exchange Program: An exceptional semester-long opportunity to grow your network, see new places, and experience the other service academies.

International Education Programs: One of the most comprehensive international education programs in the country. Summer language immersion, semester abroad, and fully funded cultural immersion programs will broaden your life experiences, cross-cultural skills, and language capabilities.

Research Centers: The Office of Research is a designated Air Force Laboratory and Office of Research Technology and Applications. What does this mean for cadets and faculty? It means we are at the center of collaborative innovation between government, academia, and industry. Shared expertise, equipment, and testing facilities raise our research capabilities to a whole new level.

Graduate Studies: You can pursue academic excellence beyond the Academy. Cadets here have earned the prestigious Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright and other scholarships to advance their educations in all fields of study. Our Graduate Studies Office oversees opportunities to give cadets advanced degrees immediately after commissioning. Our Academy Scholars Program develops a select number of academically gifted students for challenging opportunities in leadership and academia.

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