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Your role as a proud, supportive parent is an important one. The United States Air Force Academy provides a variety of resources to support you and your cadet, and help you both adjust to this new and exciting life.

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Being a parent is hard work, and no matter what people say, it doesn’t get easier after your children move out of the house. You worry if they’re safe and happy. You worry if they’re getting enough to eat. You hope they’re doing their laundry. We know many of you may come from a non-military background and information and policies of a Service Academy can be overwhelming.

You are not alone. I am here to help! My name is Rose “Marie” Nikovits, and I am the USAFA Parent Liaison. In addition to me there are numerous, local Academy Parent Clubs and Academy Class Spirit Committees nationwide that are happy to help you!

The USAFA Parent Clubs and Class Spirit Committees are run by parents and exist to provide support to cadets, families and the United States Air Force Academy.

USAFA’S philosophy on parent communication is that parents should have timely, accurate information in order to support their sons and daughters while attending the Academy. Please keep in mind that it is a unique college experience and your cadet will need to navigate much of it on their own. We encourage open communication between parents and cadets! That being said, it is the role of the Parent Liaison to help answer questions or redirect parents if/when the need arises.

Parent Club and Class Spirit Committee’s Mission

The main focus of the local parent clubs and class spirit committees is facilitating communication between the Academy and cadet parents, promoting the image of USAFA, assisting the Academy in recruitment efforts and providing fellowship to parents of cadets. Just as the Academy cadets support each other, so do the parents of cadets. They provide shoulders to lean on, an opportunity to voice their opinions, control rumors and develop lifelong friendships – many continuing their membership in a country-wide support system, long after their sons and daughters graduate. Spirit Committees do things for the class and USAFA as a whole, such as supporting cadets by purchasing coins for Recognition, Commitment Dinner and Graduation.

General Information

The Parent Liaison is responsible for supporting Parents, local Parent Clubs, and Class Spirit Committees that have formed all over the United States, Guam, and Europe. Membership in an Academy Parents Club offers an opportunity for mutual support, fellowship, and access to useful information about the Academy and cadet life.

At present, there are more than 87 clubs throughout the United States and abroad and a Spirit Committee for each class. You can find their contact information below under Resources for Parents.


Parent Liaison
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 3200
United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840
Phone: (719) 333-3828 | Toll-Free: 877-268-3383