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Parents Clubs & Spirit Committees

Crowd at Parents Weekend

Local parent clubs and class spirit committees are an essential part of the Academy experience, as they facilitate communication between the university and cadet parents. These organizations provide opportunities to ask questions, voice opinions and grow personal networks, while supporting cadets by purchasing gifts and sponsoring morale events. We invite you to join us by visiting your local chapter below!


Parents’ Club Presidents Information
Privacy Act Release Form Information
There are 86 Parents’ Clubs across the country, Europe and Guam. Join one in your state! If you are overseas in other areas the USAFA Parent Liaison will send information directly to you.
(see the list below)

Parents Club of Alabama
Parents Club of Alaska
Parents Association of Arkansas
Arizona AFA Parents Club
Central California Parents’ Club
Parents Assn, of the Tri-Counties
Parents Assn. of Northern California
Parents Assn. of Los Angeles County
Orange County AFA Parents Club
Calif. Capital Region AFA Parents Club
Parents Association of San Diego
Inland Empire Parents Assn. of S. California
Colorado Parents Club
Conn. / Western Mass. Parents Club
Parents Club of Delaware
Florida Gulf Coast Parents Club
South Florida Parents Club
Northeast Florida USAFA Parents Club
Central Florida Parents’ Club
US Service Academy Parents Club of the Florida Big Bend
Emerald Coast USAFA Parents Club
SW Florida Parents Club (Collier/Lee/Charlotte/Hendry/Glades Counties) 
Georgia Parents Club
Northern/Southern Georgia Parents Club
Hawaii Parents Club
Parents Club of Idaho
Northern Illinois Parent Club
Parents Club of Central Illinois
Parents Club of Metro St. Louis & Miss.
MO-KAN USAFA Parents Club
Parents Club of Indiana
Falcon Parents Club of Iowa
Air Capital USAFA Parents Club
Falcon Families of Kentucky
Louisiana Parents Club
Parents Association of Maine
Eastern MA USAFA Families Club
CT and Western MA USAFA Parents Association
W. Mich. Parents Clubs (Grand Rapids)
Eastern Michigan Parents Clubs
Minnesota Parents Club
Parents Club of Mississippi
MO-KAN USAFA Parents Club
Parents Club of Metro St. Louis
Montana Parents Club
Parents Association of Nebraska
Parents Club of Las Vegas
Service Academies Parents Org. of N. Nevada
New Hampshire
New Hampshire Parents Club
New Jersey
Parents Association of New Jersey
New Mexico
Parents Association of New Mexico
New York
Parents Assn. of Central N.Y. (Syracuse)
Parents Club of N.E. N.Y. (Albany)
Parents Assn. of Greater N.Y. (Metro)
Western New York
North Carolina
Parents Club of Eastern North Carolina
Piedmont N. Carolina Parents Club
North Dakota
North Dakota Parents Club
USAFA Parents Club of S.W. Ohio
Parents Assn. of Central/ S.E. Ohio
Northern Ohio Air Force Academy Parents Association
Oklahoma Parents Club
Parents Club of Oregon
Falcon Families of Central Pennsylvania
Southeastern PA. AFA Parents Assn. (Philadelphia)
Parents Assn. of W. Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)
Rhode Island
Rhode Island and S.E. Mass. Parents Assn.
South Carolina
South Carolina Parent Club
South Dakota
South Dakota Parents Club
Parents Assn. of Middle Tennessee
Parents Club of West Tennessee
Parents Assn. of S.E. Tennessee
Parent Assn. of W. Texas and S. N.M. (EL Paso) 
North Texas USAFA Parents Club (Dallas/Fort Worth)
South Texas AFA Parents Club
Southeast Texas AFA Parents Assn. (Houston)
Central Texas USAFA Parents Assn.
Utah AFA Parent Club
Virginia, Maryland and D.C.
Parents Assn. of the Nat. Capital Area
Parents Club of the E. Virginia Area (Stafford-Norfolk)
Vermont Parents Club
Parents Association of Washington
West Virginia
West Virginia Parents Club
Wisconsin AFA Parents Association (WAFAPA)
Wyoming AFA Parents Club
Guam Parents Club
Local Parents' Club Management

Parents’ Clubs exist because the Academy experience is like no other. They provide support and help pass on information to new Academy parents, as well as ensure parents know what is going on at the United States Air Force Academy.

Parents’ Clubs also help parents support their cadets! At the Academy, try as we may, we cannot always adequately articulate the hardships associated with the regimen each cadet experiences. Parents’ Clubs can help to reassure parents, as well as help them to understand the pressures on the cadets and their parents are enormous from the very beginning and these pressures often disrupt communications between the students and the parents.

Parents’ Clubs help recruit other outstanding young men and women to the Academy, and host cadets when they travel for Academy-sponsored events. They sponsor tailgate parties at football games. They provide fans for “away” sporting events and cadet visits, host events at home such as; Appointee get together, military balls, and send care packages to cadets/cadet candidates. Some Parents’ Clubs provide financial support for cadet activities, which make the Academy a more enriching experience. Each club is run independently of each other and the Academy. Some Parents’ Clubs are bigger than others, and that is fine as we are all here to support the cadets and cadet candidates!

Parents’ Club Presidents Conference

Each year the Academy hosts a Parents’ Club Presidents Conference right before Parents’ Weekend. A Reception is normally held at the Superintendent’s home the Wednesday before Parents’ Weekend and the conference is Thursday at Doolittle Hall. You may sell your items during the conference.

On Friday of Parents’ Weekend, there is an Information Fair at Arnold Hall that some Parents’ Clubs have a table to sell approved products. As soon as the Parent Liaison gets the information required from Arnold Hall they will send out the required information to the Parents’ Clubs to submit for reservation.

U.S. Air Force Academy and Air Force Logo Approval

Parents’ Clubs must obtain approval to utilize trademarked logos on any items they sell for the purposes of fundraising or when representing the Air Force Academy at official functions. To obtain approval, please contact the respective party below and include a detailed explanation of how the logo will be used.
To utilize the U.S. Air Force Academy logo, email: USAFA.Branding@afacademy.af.edu
To utilize the U.S. Air Force logo, email: licensing@us.af.mil
To utilize the class crest logos, email: Felicia.Recker@aogusafa.org