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The mission of the United States Air Force Academy Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Outreach Program is to offer a variety of products and services locally and nationally that effectively engage, inspire, and attract the next generation of STEM talent. Faculty and cadets work with the local community, schools, and teachers to provide outreach and increase the effectiveness of the Air Force’s investment in STEM. Cadets have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of potential cadets through involvement in these efforts.

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FREE STEM Resources for Classroom Teachers

Cadet STEM Read Aloud for K-5

Cadets connect virtually with classrooms to read a STEM picture book and a kit of materials is provided for a STEM activity that complements the book. Teachers keep the book, the lesson plan, and materials! The activities are aligned with Colorado Science Standards. Teachers may take advantage of this activity once per semester.

Chemistry Magic Shows & Recorded Chemistry Demonstrations

The Department of Chemistry conducts chemistry-based magic shows for schools and STEM functions throughout the state of Colorado. Faculty members present the magic of chemistry through a series of colorful, fascinating and, sometimes, noisy endo and exothermic reactions.

To schedule a show, contact the Department of Chemistry Prep Lab at (719) 333-4505 or email Stacey Lazzelle.

Virtual presentations for non-local schools are available. For recorded chemistry demos visit:

Energy Camp for 10 Year Olds

Teachers can recommend 10-year-old students to attend a November energy themed camp. This 2-day free camp is packed with tons of exciting energy activities and student take-home materials

Engineering Our World STEM Day

The STEM Outreach Program has partners with the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) to provide a Spring Saturday Engineering Day. Students meet a variety of local engineers and have fun with a plethora of hands-on engineering challenges.

LEGACY Craftsman Camps

The LEGACY program is three phases designed for students from age 11 to completion of their bachelor’s degree. LEGACY is intended to introduce STEM at a young age, continue growing students’ interest in STEM, and eventually hire these students into a STEM-driven Air Force career.

LEGACY Craftsman Camps are a series of individual one-week STEM camps for ages 11 to 15. Following an application process, students are selected for free LEGACY Craftsman day camps which occur at the beginning of June. The week is filled with a variety of STEM activities, interactions with scientists and engineers and a Friday field trip. After attending the camp, students may be invited to return to the next age camp the following summer. The application window runs from Jan 1st – Mar 1st. To apply go to: http://wpafbstem.com/LEGACY/legacy_craftsman.html

For questions, please reach out to Regional LEGACY Site Lead Dixie Holmes at: dixie.holmes.ctr@afacademy.af.edu

Lending Library

Life, earth, and physical science equipment as well as robotics, construction, and STEM literacy materials are available for teacher checkout on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Contact Stacey Lazzelle for checkout. View pdf of available items.

Physics is Phun Demonstrations

Contact Stacey Lazzelle to schedule these interactive, hair-raising demonstrations.

Planetarium Shows

Let your imagination take flight in our state-of-the-art 360-degree digital dome. Join us for a hands-on STEM project or fly-through astronomer demonstration, in addition to an educational show. Learn more about the U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium.

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Summer Camp

SAME has been supporting STEM events for over 30 years and conducting camps at the U.S. Air Force Academy for almost 20 years. These world-class camps feature a very impressive record of producing thousands of engineers and STEM leaders. They provide a rigorous experience for students interested in exploring STEM skills and careers.

Campers gain a sense of what it takes to become a STEM professional and what options exist to explore that interest from high school to college and beyond. Each camp has a unique curriculum that features hands-on activities that are conducted in competitive environments that promote teamwork, leadership, project management, and problem-solving. For more information and to register https://www.same.org/camps/.

STEM Professional Development for Teachers
  • January Chemistry of Cooking PD in partnership with Peak Area Leadership in Science for middle and high school teachers
  • February Biology PD in partnership with Peak Area Leadership in Science for middle and high school teachers.
  • The STEM Coordinator conducts an annual STEM PD for elementary teachers.
Support for School STEM Days or STEM Nights

Depending on cadet and staff availability, demos and hands-on activities can support school-wide STEM events. Items from the Lending Library are also available to support these programs.

Support for School Field Trips

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, K-5th grade classes can enjoy a planetarium show followed by a variety of hands-on STEM lessons that support Colorado Science Standards. The group size minimum is 20 students and maximum is 100. This field trip option is free and booked through the planetarium.

Virtual Audience with an Astronaut Sessions

Our STEM Outreach has partnered with the Space Foundation to bring 5 free virtual Audience with an Astronaut sessions to your classrooms! These exciting themed sessions allow students to ask an astronaut questions and participate in a variety of polls. A space activity is also provided. Inspire your students to be a part of our future space economy!

Additional Support Upon Request
  • Science fair judging
  • Robotics tournament judging
  • Science Olympiad judging
  • DoDs FIRST Grant nomination requests (May 31st deadline)

Contact Us

Stacey Lazzelle
USAFA STEM Coordinator