United States Air Force Academy

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Each year, the United States Air Force Academy celebrates the research accomplishments of faculty and cadets with an awards ceremony. Awards are for research conducted between September 1 of the previous calendar year and August 31 of the current calendar year.


SoTL awards are given to members of the Academy faculty for outstanding educational research focused on cadet learning. Winners’ research has potential impact beyond the course(s) involved in the study, and demonstrates overall excellence and acceptance by other experts in the field.

2016-2017 Academic Year Award Winner

Dr. Nathan Wozny, Department of Economics and Geosciences


Brig. Gen. Robert F. McDermott was appointed by President Dwight Eisenhower as the first permanent professor at the Academy and later, the first permanent Dean of the Faculty. He laid the groundwork for creation of the Astronautical Research Laboratory and introduced approximately 30 new academic majors during his tenure. The McDermott Awards recognize faculty excellence in humanities and the social sciences.

2016-2017 Academic Year Award Winners

Professor Greg Laski, Department of English and Fine Arts – Humanities

Dr. Craig Foster, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership – Social Sciences

Lt. Col. Cory Cooper, Department of Engineering Mechanics – Technology Transfer

Dr. Kellie Kuhn, Department of Biology – Immediate Impact in Research


Presented in honor of Maj. Thomas D. Moore, a former professor of physics and electrical engineering at the Academy, this award celebrates the outstanding work of cadets during the Cadet Summer Research Program.

2016-2017 Academic Year Award Winners

C1C Saylor Gilbert – Social Sciences/Overall Winner

C1C Jonathan Earp-Pitkins – Humanities

C1C Ryan Tetla – Basic Sciences

C1C Nathan Buxton – Engineering


Col. Frank Seiler is well remembered for his devotion to increasing the stature of in-house Air Force laboratories and improving career opportunities for young officer scientists. Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Seiler Awards recognize outstanding researchers conducting basic scientific and engineering research.

2016-2017 Academic Year Award Winners

Lt. Col. John McGee, Department of Biology – Basic Sciences

Dr. George York, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering – Engineering