United States Air Force Academy

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Dormitories & Dining

Image of Mitchell dining hall

Living and dining arrangements at the U.S. Air Force Academy reinforce the squadron as the defining aspect of daily life. Cadets develop their knowledge and leadership skills together, while also living and eating together.


Vandenberg Hall

Vandenberg Hall, commonly referred to as Vandy, is the second-largest university dormitory in the country. With 1,320 cadet rooms, Squadrons 1–23 are located here. See why Vandenberg Hall is “The Big Hall on the Hill” and explore the dormitory’s virtual tour.
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Sijan Hall

The recently renovated Sijan Hall houses 1,964 cadets. within Squadrons 24–40. Amenities include a barber shop and beauty shop facilities, day spa, laundry room and a federal credit union with ATM. Take a virtual tour of “The Hall with a View” to get a glimpse of cadet dorm life at Sijan Hall.
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Mitchell Hall

Mitchell Hall is our cadet dining hall. It’s one of the largest and most advanced dining facilities in the world. It serves over 4,000 cadets in less than 30 minutes! On weekdays during the academic year, cadets are required to attend breakfast and noon meals, while an option all-you-can-eat buffet is served for dinner and on the weekends. Visit Mitchell Hall and take a virtual tour.

Arnold Hall

Nestled between the ballroom and theater is the Richter Lounge Food Court, which is open to cadets on nights and weekends. There’s no need to leave base when you can catch up over a cup of coffee at Polaris Perk, share a pizza at Dominos or grab a healthy snack at Subway. Visit Richter Lounge and take a virtual tour.

Fairchild Hall

Whether you’re craving some Dunkin’ Donuts or meeting up with friends for lunch at Subway, the Falcon Center is a great place to hangout between classes. Visit Fairchild Hall and take a virtual tour.