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Sijan Hall

Image of Sijan Hall.

Sijan Hall was built on the south side of the Cadet Area in 1968, in order to accommodate the expansion of the Cadet Wing to a strength of 4,417 cadets. In a dedication ceremony, on May 31, 1976, it was named after Captain Lance P. Sijan of the class of 1965. Sijan’s heroism and courage posthumously earned him the first Congressional Medal of Honor granted to an Academy graduate.

Sijan Hall, recently renovated, is a seven-story, 625,300 SF structure, and is one of two cadet dormitories housing 1,964 Cadets. Squadrons 24–40 reside here. Dormitory amenities include a barber shop and beauty shop facilities, day spa, laundry room, and a federal credit union with ATM.

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