United States Air Force Academy

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The Proving Ground

Jacks Valley

March out to Jacks Valley

The second part of basic cadet training (BCT) takes place at Jacks Valley. The march out to the 3,300 acre training complex, a time honored tradition, includes senior leadership, faculty, as well as graduates of the Academy.

Once the basic cadets arrive they set up a tent encampment and prepare for 2 weeks of physically intensive military training.
While at Jacks Valley, basic cadets complete several courses:

  • The Obstacle Course
  • The Leadership Reaction Course – small groups of basic cadets solve problems and cross obstacles
  • The Confidence Course – basic cadets must overcome high and particularly challenging obstacles that are not normally completed for time
  • The Assault Course – a physically and mentally strenuous course where basic cadets are put through combat like situations with simulated small arms fire, artillery explosions, and obstacles.
  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense (CBRNE) – information on CBRNE and tear gas training.
  • Self Aid Buddy Care (SABC) – basic first aid.
  • Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM) – small arms training

Other groups use the facility for combat survival and weapons training.