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Image of Polaris Hall.

Polaris Hall, named for the North Star, is home to the Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD). It is an inspiring example of the the U.S. Air Force Academy’s focus on developing leaders of character for the nation’s Air Force.

Crowned with an intricate framework of glass and steel, the 43,000 square feet, Polaris Hall features a large, centrally-located lecture hall, state-of-the-art meeting and collaboration rooms, as well as the Honor Board Room.

The 105-foot tower points directly toward Polaris, the North Star, and symbolizes the core values of the Academy. It’s here that cadets, instructors, military leaders, and public and private officials come together for conversations that help instill in Academy’s graduates, the integrity and moral compass that will guide them for years to come.

The CCLD’s activities and initiatives are firmly grounded in its conceptual framework for character and leadership development, creating an environment where cadets and faculty alike own, engage, and practice the habits of honorable thoughts and actions in line with an identity of a leader of character. The CCLD’s objective is to help the Academy graduate officers who: live honorably; consistently practicing the virtues embodied in the Air Force Core Values; lift others to be their best possible selves; and elevate performance toward a common and noble purpose.

Today, and for years to come, the impact of the public-private partnerships that supported the construction of Polaris Hall will enable integrated character and leadership development programs for the 4,000+ students at the Academy and beyond. What takes place in the CCLD must always foster and represent the committed, innovative, and values-driven leadership that our Air Force and our country deserve.

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