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You can get a good education at any college or university. At the United States Air Force Academy, we broaden your horizons, galvanize your character and help you pave the way to an exciting career. Here, a world-class education is just the beginning.

With 20 different departments and a broad core curriculum, Academy cadets can be certain they’ll find an area of study that interests and challenges them. Browse the list below to discover more information on each department.

Basic Sciences Division

  • Biology

    Our department boasts numerous facilities and learning resources including a molecular biology lab, life sciences research center, aerospace physiology lab, genetics lab, cadaver lab and greenhouse. Extensive undergraduate research opportunities also exist for a variety of sub-disciplines within the department.

    Learn about the Department of Biology
  • Chemistry

    From developing the materials that extend the life of our aircraft fleet, to understanding space sensor and satellite technology, to analyzing chemical and biological warfare data, chemistry is critical to Air Force operational mission success and at the forefront of many research programs.

    Learn about the Department of Chemistry
  • Mathematical Sciences

    Problem solving, analytical reasoning and technical communication, skills that allow cadets to tackle the complex operational, managerial and technical problems that routinely challenge Air Force officers.

    Learn about the Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Physics

    The Department of Physics graduates cadets who will go on to serve the Air Force as pilots, space operators, flight test engineers, acquisition managers, engineers, nuclear research officers, weather officers, intelligence officers, and, of course, physicists.

    Learn about the Department of Physics

Engineering Division

  • Aeronautics

    Supports cadets, the Air Force and the world through studies in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion, aircraft structures and experimental methods.

    Learn about the Department of Aeronautics
  • Astronautics

    Cadets learn the fundamentals of satellites, rockets, and other space systems as well as how to design them to contribute to our national security and economy. This experience is enhanced by senior capstone projects and independent and sponsored research opportunities with a variety of government and industry partners.

    Learn about the Department of Astronautics
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Prepares cadets for careers as civil engineers, which design, build and sustainably maintain the physical infrastructure of the largest weapons platform in the Air Force inventory—the Air Force Installation.

    Learn about the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Computer And Cyber Sciences

    Helps cadets develop computer-based skills and abilities that can be applied in all Air Force career fields.

    Learn about the Department of Computer And Cyber Sciences
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Provides cadets with the hardware design skills to develop modern computers and control systems, and also how to integrate the algorithm-design skills of computer scientists to take a true “systems” view toward computing design.

    Learn about the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics

    Mechanical Engineering is a broad-based and flexible program, allowing cadets to focus in many important disciplines, such as fatigue/fracture mechanics and failure analysis.

    Learn about the Department of Engineering Mechanics
  • Systems Engineering

    Develops officers who are prepared to address the complex engineering and management challenges presented by modern systems design, development and operation.

    Learn about the Department of Systems Engineering

Humanities Division

  • English & Fine Arts

    Leaders throughout history have used their skills as readers, thinkers and communicators to effect change. Our department is committed to improving the reading, writing and speaking skills of all cadets.

    Learn about the Department of English & Fine Arts
  • Foreign Languages & International Programs

    Provides future officers with broad-based, foreign area-related skills to master strategies for global engagement, partnership and expanded mutual security responsibilities.

    Learn about the Department of Foreign Languages & International Programs
  • History

    Teaches history for the profession of arms and provides a natural forum for the discussion of great leaders, past and present, insights that are invaluable to any future leader of this country.

    Learn about the Department of History
  • Philosophy

    Guides cadets to undertake their study of philosophy and religion as part of a life of energetic inquiry aimed at developing the virtues appropriate to a leader of character.

    Learn about the Department of Philosophy

Social Sciences Division