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Office of Research

The Dean of Faculty Office of Research (DFQ) serves as the support hub for the research and development programs at the United States Air Force Academy. Our vibrant program provides cadets with the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities necessary to succeed as leaders in the Air Force and Space Force. For details on the DFQ services, please click on the links below.

Technology Transfer




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142 Active T3 Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), 32 Patents, 3 Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIAs), 4 Patent License Agreements (PLAs), 33 Visiting Researchers
Technology Transfer

DFQ can provide in-house support to help you link your technology and the Air Force mission with the marketplace. Protect your research while ensuring technologies developed by the Air Force are transferred or shared with the government, academia, and industry.

Services Provided:

Assistance with Patent Searches, Invention Disclosures, Patents, Agreements, and Public Releases

Coordination with TechLink, C-TRAC, and Purdue Foundry for commercialization opportunities

Guidance on educational partnerships: Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, the National Research Council/Research Associate Programs, Cadet Summer Research Program, etc.

For more information about Technology Transfer Programs please contact Mr. Sean Tucker, DFQ Research and T3 Program Manager

New Agreements Academic Year 2019-2020 - 30 Memorandums, 29 CRADAs, 2 Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), 4 Educational Partnership Agreements

The Office of Research (DFQ) provides administrative guidance on agreements and assists with research and tech transfer tasks, inquires, and deliverables. Three of the most common agreements are CRADAs, MOUs/MOAs, and EPAs.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Legal agreement between an Academy laboratory and a non-federal party to offer both parties the opportunity to leverage each other’s resources when conducting research and development; resulting royalty income is shared between the inventors and the laboratory.

Memorandum of Understanding / Agreement (MOU/MOA) Legal documents describing a bilateral agreement between parties describing intent to cooperatively work together on an agreed-upon project or meet an agreed-upon objective. The use of an MOU or MOA is dependent on the mutual obligations of the parties.

Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA) A formal agreement allowing the Academy and a K–12 facility or any non-profit institution that is dedicated to improving science, mathematics, and engineering education the opportunity to access equipment and resources which may be unavailable

For more information about Agreements please email Ms. Teresa Whinnery.


The Office of Research Budget Team exists to offer financial management support to Research Centers and Institutes. The Budget Analysts are responsible for assisting researchers to execute over $40M in annual funding.

Services Provided:

Accepting and obligating funds

Processing purchase requisitions and funds reconciliation

Providing contract support

Provide primary communication to researchers regarding budget policies and procedures

For more information about Budget support and services please email DFRO Office of Research.


Col Chris McClernon, Associate Dean for Research
(719) 333-4185

Mr. Rick Rogers, Deputy Director, Office of Research
(719) 333-2847

Mr. Sean Tucker, Research Program Manager
(719) 333-3273