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Office of Research

The Dean of Faculty Office of Research (DFRO) serves as the support hub for the $38 million research and development programs at the United States Air Force Academy. Our vibrant program provides cadets with the knowledge, skills and responsibilities necessary to succeed as leaders in the Air Force.


The Cadet Summer Research Program provides cadets with opportunities to solve relevant problems, learn through real-world application of classroom principles and build lasting collaborative relationships for the Academy and the Air Force. Typically, the program is a five-week internship for rising first-class (senior) cadets. In a typical summer, over 200 cadets travel around the world with more than 120 sponsoring organizations including companies like Google, Goldman Sachs and the National Security Agency (NSA). Top cadet researchers from the program will be nominated for the Moore Award, and winners are recognized during an annual ceremony.


The mission of the United States Air Force Academy K-12 STEM Outreach program is to offer a variety of programs and services that effectively engage, inspire and attract the next generation of STEM talent. View more information about the STEM Outreach Program here.


Col Chris McClernon, Associate Dean of Research
(719) 333-4185

Mr. Rick Rogers, Deputy Director, Office of Research
(719) 333-2847

Mr. Sean Tucker, Research Program Manager
(719) 333-3273