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Prep School

Each year, the United States Air Force Academy has more candidates seek admission than there are available appointments. It is always our goal to select a group of exceptional candidates that will become the future leaders of our Air Force, however many applicants with promising potential will not be offered appointments. A select group of approximately 240 young men and women will instead be offered the opportunity to attend the Academy’s Preparatory School, or Prep School.

Located six miles south of the main cadet area, the Prep School’s Commander, faculty, and staff work to prepare a diverse group of “cadet candidates” in academics, athletics, character development, and military training to succeed and lead at the Academy. Cadet candidates are not guaranteed an appointment to the Academy, but earn consideration and a recommendation from the Prep School Commander by successfully completing the 10-month Prep School program.

There is no independent application process for the Prep School unless you are an enlisted Airman in the Air Force. If you apply to the Academy and are not offered an appointment, you will be considered for admission to the Prep School. Admission is limited to selected civilian students, enlisted members of the military, and reservists who meet eligibility requirements.


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