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Prep School exemplar

Each Preparatory School class of cadet candidates selects a past leader of character whose life and career epitomize integrity, service, excellence, and the character traits they wish to exemplify.

The Cadet Candidate Exemplar Program is a leadership development and heritage education program. The program is designed to provide a role model—in the form of an aerospace leader of the past—for each class’s cadet candidates to emulate. The program also instills pride and connects to our nation’s Air Force heritage. Each cadet class forms an exemplar committee, nominates, and selects an exemplar.

Throughout the year, the class maintains its identity with its exemplar through a class-wide dinner, a display case, and other activities throughout its tenure at the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School.

The Exemplar Program formally celebrates the individual chosen by the class and memorializes the class’s affiliation as the cadet candidates journey to become leaders of character. Plaques are on permanent display in the Exemplar Hall in the dining facility.

For details on eligibility or instructions on the nomination process, please email the Prep School at PS_Commander@afacademy.af.edu.

2023 Capt Derek M. Argel Prep 1997; Academy 2001
2022 Col Carolyn A.M. Benyshek Prep 1983; Academy 1987
2021 Gen Janet Wolfenbarger Not a Preppie; Academy 1980
2020 Capt Victoria A. Pinckney Prep 2004; Academy 2008
2019 Capt Christel A. Chavez Prep ’94; Academy ‘98
2018 Lt Col (Ret) Ida L. Widmann Prep ’87; Academy ‘91
2017 Capt (Ret) Carson G. Bird Prep ‘04; Academy ’08
2016 Capt David I. Lyon Prep ‘04; Academy ’08
2015 Gen Robin Rand Prep ’75; Academy ‘79
2014 Maj Gen Richard S. Haddad Prep ’77; Academy ‘81
2013 Brig Gen Jeffery B. Kendall Prep ’79; Academy ‘83
2012 Col Randall Spetman Prep ‘72; Academy ‘76
2011 Lt Gen Frank G. Koltz Prep ’69; Academy ‘73
2010 Col Thomas E. Griffith, Jr. Prep ’75; Academy ‘79
2009 Mr. Larry J. Funk Prep ’64; Academy ‘68
2008 Lt Gen Richard C. Bethurem Prep ’62; Academy ‘66
2007 Maj Gen Anthony F. Przybyslawski Prep ’72; Academy ‘76
2006 Brig Gen Dale E. Stovall Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
2005 Lt Gen Glen W. Moorhead, III Prep ’65; Academy ‘69
2004 Col Loren J. Shriver Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
2003 Maj Gen Michael C. Gould Prep ’72; Academy ‘76