United States Air Force Academy

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Students at the Preparatory School are considered active duty Airman during the 10-month program. They earn pay, receive full medical and dental benefits, and most importantly represent the Air Force and the U.S. Air Force Academy while wearing the uniform.

In order to best represent those that serve, and have served, students are educated on:

  • Air Force Core Values and the United States Air Force Academy Honor Code
  • The organization and heritage of the Air Force
  • Military customs and courtesies
  • Physical training
  • Military history
  • Drill and ceremonies
  • Proper wear of uniforms and room inspections

All cadet candidates are held to the same standards as representatives of the Air Force – our goal is to prepare you to become leaders at the Academy and in the future in your role as an officer.

Similarly to active duty life and the Cadet Wing at the Academy, cadet candidates are organized into squadrons – three in the case of the Preparatory School. Each squadron has a field grade officer who acts as the Air Officer Commanding (AOC), and two non-commissioned officers (NCOs), known as Academy Military Trainers (AMTs). AOCs and AMTs set high standards for the new cadet candidates, and throughout the academic year they are expected to uphold and exceed those expectations. AOCs and AMTs are invaluable to the Preparatory School experience and provide examples of what it is to be a good officer or enlisted Airman. They also function as:

  • Trainers
  • Mentors
  • Counselors/Advisors

Military education and training culminates with a Transition Exercise, or TX. It is designed to be a physical and mental review of everything the cadet candidates have learned and, for those that are accepted into the Academy, preparation for Basic Cadet Training (BCT).