United States Air Force Academy

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static display of an f-100 at the U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School.

The Preparatory School’s academic program is tailored to prepare cadet candidates for the rigorous curriculum they will face, with the ultimate goal of becoming a cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The Preparatory School academic curriculum is delivered over four academic quarters during a 10-month program. It is designed to lay the groundwork for success in required Academy classes, with a focus on English, math and science. Each quarter cadet candidates are evaluated and placed in academic “tracks” that best fit their developmental requirements. During the first quarter, cadet candidates take a required course in basic study skills to learn time management and study techniques, facilitating the transition to the demanding requirements of Academy academics. All cadet candidates take four classes per quarter—two math, one science, and one English.

Opportunities exist in the spring quarters for high-performing cadet candidates to take advanced courses in physics, English and math at the Academy alongside fourth-class cadets. Cadet candidates who qualify for slots in these limited honors-level courses have the opportunity to earn transcript credit at the Academy while attending the Prep School.