United States Air Force Academy

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Preparatory School

Student Life

Image of cadet candidate enjoying an outdoor game of volleyball.

A Day in the Life

A candidate starts the day early with morning formation for accountability. Following accountability, breakfast is served in the Dining Facility, then it’s straight to class until they break for lunch. After lunch, candidates will have one hour, each day for military training time. After military training, all members are offered Extra Instruction (EI) before the attending the three hours of athletics. Dinner is available in the evening then it’s time to hit the books for Academic Call to Quarters. Each day candidates are required to end each day in his or her room with TAPS and “lights out” in order to properly rest for the next day’s events.

All members share a 2-person room and every dorm has a twin-size bunk bed, wall locker, and desk. There is a proper location for everything you are allowed to have and you will be expected to keep your room in perfect order.

Members may own/possess a vehicle while attending the Preparatory School and if offered an appointment to USAFA, will have to dispose of the vehicle prior to arriving to Basic Cadet Training.

Local Attractions

In addition to the very busy schedules, candidates earn pass privileges and accumulate chargeable leave throughout the year. Members can use their passes and leave opportunities to take advantage of the multitude of activities available throughout the Colorado Front Range. Region. With Denver just 55 miles north, many hiking trails, and outdoor activities, members are able to enjoy the phenomenal experiences and attractions the state has to offer.