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Preparatory School

Hall of Fame

Cadet candidates during the Preparatory School Graduation Parade

We take pride in the accomplishments of our graduates, especially those with significant achievements during their careers in the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or in service to our nation.

Graduates of the Preparatory School, as well as current and former U.S. Air Force Academy staff, can nominate individuals to be inducted into the Hall of Fame annually. We formally select, recognize, and celebrate our inductees as part of the Preparatory School graduation week schedule of events. Plaques are placed on permanent display in the Hall of Fame which is showcased in the dining facility.

For details on eligibility or instructions on the nomination process, please email the Preparatory School at prepinfo@usafa.edu.

2021 Gen Janet Wolfenbarger Not a Preppie; Academy ’80
2020 Capt Victoria A. Pinckney Prep ’04; Academy ’08
2019 Capt Christel A. Chavez Prep ’94; Academy ‘98
2018 Lt Col (Ret) Ida L. Widmann Prep ’87; Academy ‘91
2017 Capt (Ret) Carson G. Bird Prep ‘04; Academy ’08
2016 Lt Gen Thomas J. Keck Prep ’65; Academy ‘69
Capt David I. Lyon Prep ‘04; Academy ’08
2015 Gen Robin Rand Prep ’75; Academy ‘79
Mr. Fletcher “Flash” Wiley Navy Prep ’61; Academy ‘65
2014 Lt Col Mark Smith Prep ’88; Academy ‘92
Col Carolyn A.M. Benyshek Prep ’83; Academy ‘87
Maj Gen Richard S. Haddad Prep ’77; Academy ‘81
2013 Brig Gen Jeffery B. Kendall Prep ’79; Academy ‘83
2012 Col Randall Spetman Prep ‘72; Academy ‘76
2011 Honorable Cormac J. Carney Prep ’78; N/A
Maj Gen David F. MacGhee, Jr. Prep ’66; Academy ‘70
Capt Lance P. Sijan Navy Prep ’61; Academy ‘65
2009 Lt Col Kevin M. Shea Prep ’85; Academy ‘95
Mr. Tom Boettcher Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
2006 Maj Gen Anthony F. Przybybslawski Prep ’72; Academy ‘76
Mayor Anthony A. Williams Prep ’73; N/A
Maj Gen Richard E. Spooner Prep ’65; Academy ‘69
2004 Col Thomas E. Griffith, Jr. Prep ’75; Academy ‘79
Col Randall W. Spetman Prep ’72; Academy ‘76
Maj Gen Michael C. Gould Prep ’72; Academy ‘76
Dr. Orderia F. Mitchell Prep ’69; Academy ‘73
Lt Gen Frank G. Klotz Prep ’69; Academy ‘73
Mr. William T. Coleman, III Prep ’67; Academy ‘71
Lt Gen Glen W. Moorhead, III Prep ’65; Academy ‘69
Lt Gen John D. Hopper, Jr. Prep ’65; Academy ‘69
Mr. Larry J. Funk Prep ’64; Academy ‘68
Brig Gen Dale E. Stovall Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
Col Loren J. Shriver Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
Honorable Gerald J. Rafferty Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
Dr. Fred Milanovich Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
Lt Col Gilbert D. Mook Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
Maj Gen Daniel J. Gibson Prep ’63; Academy ‘67
Lt Gen Richard C. Bethurem Prep ’62; Academy ‘66