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Medical and Dental Information

U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School formation

The 10th Medical Group is dedicated to providing cadet candidates with exceptional service and world-class health care.

Once a cadet candidate in-processes at the Preparatory School, they are enrolled in Tricare Prime. Tricare Prime is similar to a civilian Health Maintenance Organization as the cadet candidate is assigned to a Primary Care Manager and receives all of their primary care/specialty care at the U.S. Air Force Academy Military Treatment Facility.

Cadet candidates follow the same medical and dental guidelines as the cadets at the Academy.

Medical consideration if disenrolled

If a cadet candidate is disenrolled, it is in their best interest to ensure all medical treatment is received prior to separation. Continued care post-separation is only authorized on a case-by-case basis (predominantly coordinated prior to separation). If a cadet candidate separates further medical care is their financial responsibility, unless they are eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) medical benefits due to prior military service.