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Preparatory School

Sponsor Program

The Cadet Candidate Sponsor Program provides cadet candidates with a home-away-from-home during their 10-month journey at the Preparatory School. Sponsors act as positive adult role models and provide cadet candidates with a local support system, as many do not have family in the local area.

Many sponsors either serve on active duty, in the Air Force Reserve, or are retired military; however this is not a requirement to become a sponsor. We also welcome Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, local citizens, parents of cadets and/or cadet candidates, and Academy alumni to apply for the program. More details about the role of sponsors in the life of a cadet candidate can be found in our program pamphlet.

If interested in being considered for the Cadet Candidate Sponsor Program, please download our sponsor registration checklist and questionnaire, and return all required information to PrepInfo@usafa.edu. All applicants are subjected to a background check by the 10th Security Forces Squadron to ensure the safety of our cadet candidates.

Our program is aligned with the Academy’s Cadet Sponsor Program since a high percentage of our cadet candidates receive appointments. As a result, sponsors can seamlessly continue to host the same young man/woman during his/her time as a cadet! More information about the Cadet Sponsor Program can be found here.

Check out what our past and present cadet candidates have to say about our program:

“I feel at home whenever I am at my sponsor's house. It is also a great get away from the academic and military setting here at the Prep School.”


“Sponsor families are great! I absolutely love mine and always look forward to seeing them whenever I get the chance to go off base!”