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Cadet Sponsor Program

Cadet Sponsors

Cadets come from all across the nation, and often their families live far from campus. Our sponsor family program is made up of local Academy supporters who are willing to provide a home-away-from-home to Academy cadets.

The Cadet Sponsor Program builds a professional mentoring relationship and provides a home-away-from-home for cadets on a permanent basis during their time at the Academy.

We encourage active duty, retired and reserve officers, senior non-commissioned officers (NCOs), Academy alumni, civil servants and select local citizens to become volunteer mentors. Sponsor families provide cadets with positive adult role models, many of whom are still active in the military, that serve as mentors, friends and advisors in an environment that allows some time to relax away from the rigors of the Academy. This interaction is essential to fostering professional and social development, which is especially important for new fourth-class cadets.

The program is offered for all four years at the Academy, and cadets and sponsors may make by-name requests which the Cadet Sponsor Office will attempt to honor. If by-name requests are not made, common interests, hobbies or preferences are used as matching criteria. Sponsors often develop lifelong relationships with their cadets – and many cadets come to consider their sponsors as a second family.

We ask that you consider the tremendous positive influence you and your family could have in the development of our young cadets in their journey to become leaders in the Air Force. To learn more about the Sponsor Program, download our Cadet Sponsor Handbook. The Academy’s Prep School is also looking for Sponsor Families.

Think you’d make a great sponsor? View the requirements and submit your application today!

Sponsor Handbook

Checklist & Questionnaire

Sponsor a Prep School Cadet

The many cadets we have sponsored over the years have become a part of our family. We have kept in touch after graduation, have attended their weddings and have gotten to know their spouses and children.

- Air Force Academy Cadet Sponsor

My sponsors helped me in many ways as a cadet; now that I have the chance, I am giving back by sponsoring my own cadets.

- Air Force Academy Cadet

Cadet Sponsor Office
2354 Fairchild Drive, Suite 4A24
United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840
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