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Building resiliency through

Spiritual Fitness

Cadet Chapel view from Terrazzo

Our chaplains provide confidential counseling and mentorship. They also provide cadets with daily opportunities for worship and regular visitation within the cadet-training areas.

Chaplains are religious ministry professionals who support the spiritual resilience of our cadets. They provide pastoral care ministry and 100% confidential counseling and mentorship to those of faith and those of no faith. Chaplains can also offer personal guidance and act as advocates for our cadets.

Spiritual Strength and Fitness

Spiritual strength is the ability to find purpose, meaning, and direction in life, even when faced with difficult circumstances. It involves developing a strong connection to our beliefs, values, and principles, which can provide a sense of guidance and support.

Spiritual strength can be developed through nurturing our inner selves. This involves taking the time to reflect on our thoughts and feelings and identifying what is most important to us. It can also involve engaging in religious and spiritual practices that help us connect with a higher power through meditation, prayer, or worship.

While there are numerous ways to increase one’s spiritual resiliency, our chaplains are here to assist.

Meet our team

Group 1: Vandy Cadet Oasis, 3rd Floor, Room # 3C5

Ch, Capt Tamer Sayedahmed

SSgt Michaela Evans

Group 2: Vandy Cadet Oasis, 3rd Floor, Room # 3C5

Ch, Capt Amy Bartee

SrA Brittany Paulino-Manglona

Group 3: Sijan Hall, 3rd floor, Room # 3B20

Ch, Capt Damien Gipson

SrA Ashley Cobb

Group 4: Sijan Hall, 2nd Floor, Room # 2C84

Ch, Capt Zachary Kautzky

SSgt Austin McEndree

Dean of Faculty: Fairchild Hall, Room # 6D171

Ch, Capt Saul Rappeport

Support for cadets
  • Provides confidential counseling and spiritual support to all cadets, regarding their faith or no-faith.
  • Provides a strong bonds resiliency event every quarter for each cadet group.
  • Provide unit engagement with cadets, resiliency training, religious accommodation, and religious respect training.
  • Hosts special programs in religious education for cadets.
  • Assists with the religious accommodation requests for cadets.
  • Each chaplain provides a religious and morale-boosting retreat for their faith group every year.