United States Air Force Academy

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Athletics at a Different Altitude

Our cadet-athletes live, train and compete at a different altitude.



Participation in athletics fosters initiative, teamwork and the will to win – attributes critical to the development of cadets into leaders of character.

All cadets at the United States Air Force Academy are required to participate in the athletic program, which includes:

  • Physical Education (PE) courses
  • Physical fitness testing
  • Competitive sports

PE is an integral part of the Academy’s core curriculum, and is critical to the overall development of the U.S. Air Force Academy Institutional Outcomes. Cadets are required to take a total of 10 PE courses, meaning every cadet takes a minimum of 1.0 semester hours of PE in each of the four academic years.

Cadets also take physical fitness tests each semester to measure overall strength and conditioning. Proficiency is required in both the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Aerobic Fitness Test (AFT). The fitness-testing program promotes maximum fitness within the Cadet Wing, develops a foundation for a lifetime of fitness and recognizes cadets who excel in maintaining their personal fitness. Members of the Cadet Wing who achieve the maximum point total on either the PFT or AFT belong to the prestigious 500 Club. Cadets who maximize their scores on both the PFT and AFT belong to the exclusive 1000 Club.

In addition to PE courses and the required fitness tests, every cadet participates in competitive sports by playing on an intercollegiate or intramural team.

Intercollegiate Sports

The Academy is home to 27 different men’s and women’s Division I NCAA teams. From football to swimming and boxing, the Air Force Falcons have a rich tradition of excellence and success. Air Force finished 66th in the Learfield Director’s Cup standings, marking its eighth consecutive top 70 finish nationally. The Falcons were the top program in the Mountain West for the third straight year and have been among the league’s top three eight consecutive seasons. Air Force was the top service academy for the 12th straight year.

The grit and determination of our cadet-athletes are what helps them excel on and off the field. Visit our athletics site to stay up-to-date on results and schedules or see how you can join the action as an athlete or spectator. Go Falcons!

Academy-Wide Athletics


Over 3,000 cadets participate in the 10 different intramural programs, which include basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee. Athletes practice or compete twice a week during the season of competition. At the Academy, competition is entrenched in our daily activities. Physical education classes are part of the Academy’s curriculum, and every member of the Cadet Wing participates in intramural, club or intercollegiate sports, and for good reason—athletics provide exercise and are among the best team-building and leadership opportunities the Academy has to offer.