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Cadet Clubs

Part of balancing the demands of life at the U.S. Air Force Academy is finding time for hobbies and interests. About 75% of cadets are involved in at least one of the Academy’s 100+ active clubs.

Clubs are a great opportunity for cadets to enhance their professional development by taking on additional leadership roles, opportunities to manage personnel and financial resources, and learn administrative and logistics skills. The participation in club programs can take cadets on a journey they never expected before. Many cadets become involved with clubs to find and foster new friendships while pursuing an area of interest.

Clubs are run by cadets, for cadets, with oversight from an Air Force officer, senior enlisted member, or civilian on staff at the Academy. Leaders organize meetings, practices, competitions, and serve as role models for club participants.

Featured Clubs

    A4I/Innovation: The team focuses on helping solve tricky and, perhaps, long-running technical problems affecting existing processes, products, or services.

    Academy Oath Project: A group of cadets and faculty committed to improving Oath education for the Cadet Wing.

    Air Combat: Inspires future combat aviators through instruction and training in the principles of dogfighting using networked virtual reality simulators.

    Astronomy/Physics: Provides opportunities to immerse in science-related topics through science fairs, observatory tours and planetarium shows.

    Blue Horizon (Rocketry Club): Provides experience, engineering, and launch training for cadets who will ultimately be contributors and leaders in the Space Force.

    Cyber Warfare: Inspires cyber domain knowledge and experiences critical to understanding and dominating future cyber conflicts.

    Forensics: Practices and competes in intercollegiate forensics, debate and multiple forms of personal speech.

    History: Provides opportunities to interact with historical artifacts and visit battlefields of the past.

    Medical Professionals Preparedness Club: Prepares cadets to be successful in applying to their military health profession.

    Mock Trial Team: Develops and improves oral communication, critical thinking and teamwork through law and legal process-based competitions.

    Operation Safe (Standup USAFA): Provides awareness and service opportunities to combat child sex trafficking.

    Operation Safe (Unchained): Provides awareness of child sex trafficking as well as service opportunities to combat it.

    Peer Tutoring: Provides opportunities to tutor peers on academics with the oversight of a formal governing body.

    Portuguese Club: Provides opportunities to expand understanding, knowledge and skills in the Portuguese language.

    Robotics (ECE/VEX): Provides opportunities to learn about robotics and participate in competitions.

    Steel Script (Poetry Collective): Provides opportunities for creative writing workshops, open mic performance events, and competitions in spoken word poetry.

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): Facilitates opportunities to engage with local community and schools to promote STEM education.

    USAFA Green: Fosters a more sustainable environment at the Academy and inspires green-minded leaders for the future of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force. Projects include trail maintenance on and off base, tree planting, recycling initiatives, nature walks, and a sustainability-focused lecture series.


    Arabic Club: A group of cadets and active duty service members committed to spreading awareness of the Arabic culture and language throughout the cadet wing.

    Chinese Diversity Club: Fosters interest in Chinese culture and allows students to engage in conversation and activities related to traditional cooking, film, crafts, and games.

    Hispanic Heritage: Promotes the language, culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.

    Italian Club: Promotes opportunities for cadets to understand the culture, language, history, and significance of Italy as an ally.

    Korean-American Student Association (KASA): Promotes awareness of Korean culture by focusing on cultural education, alumni relations, and knowledge of United States / Republic of Korea policies and issues.

    Le Club Francais: The mission of the Francophone Culture Club is to empower Academy cadets with knowledge of the French language, francophone cultures, and their history.

    Native American Heritage: Creates a supportive and educational outlet promoting Native American cultures and heritage.

    Pacific Rim: Supports the education on Asian and Pacific cultures by providing diverse experiences through community service, cultural activities and the expression of cultural customs.

    Schulte Assembly: A gender issues forum that seeks to inform and discuss the importance of diversity in the U.S. military. This forum prepares cadets to integrate and lead as U.S. Air Force officers by fostering a safe, voluntary environment of mentoring, education, and empowerment.

    Secular Cadet Alliance: Facilitates discussion among non-religious and questioning cadets of ideas and perspectives about the world through the lens of science, reason and naturalism.

    Spectrum: Provides a support network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) cadets and allies and creates an educational experience for all cadets dedicated to the retention, development and commissioning of culturally and socially competent junior officers.

    Vietnamese Student Association: Strengthens the Vietnamese-American awareness at the Academy and the community.

    Way of Life: A community that promotes awareness of and support to the Black cadet/military experience through a better understanding, exploration, and expression of Black culture, with a goal of improving the social climate.


    Drone Racing Team: Cadets build high-performance race quadcopters to compete at events.

    Flying Team: Competes with numerous other universities in regional and national-level powered-flight competitions each year.

    Wings of Blue (Parachute Team): Each year the Air Force Parachute Team performs in front of millions of spectators at national and international parachuting demonstrations and competitions.

    Remotely Piloted Aircraft: Cadets incorporate ground school and RPA flight training using actual small RPAs, including general airmanship concepts, basic RPA piloting skills training, and an introduction to real-world RPA tactics, techniques, and procedures.

    Soaring Team: Conducts over 20,000 training and competition glider sorties annually, focused on developing officers, leadership, and character.


    A Cappella (In the Stairwell & Aerodynamics)

    • In the Stairwell – Allows male cadets to perform in an a cappella music group at local and national public events.
    • Aerodynamics – Allows female cadets to perform in an a cappella music group at local and national public events.

    Arnold Air Society: Fosters relationships between the Academy and ROTC to increase understanding between commissioning sources.

    Battlefield Airmen (Special Warfare): Supports the screening, preparation and execution for Battlefield Airmen Air Force Specialty Codes.

    Broadcast Club (KAFA): Immerses cadets in the media industry with state-of-the-art studios and soundstages that offer opportunities to act as music DJs, voice artists, actors, news anchors, and reporters.

    Cadet Chorale: Enhances the Academy’s image by learning, preparing and performing vocal music.

    Cadet Entertainment: Supports cadet morale, welfare and recreation with fun, large-scale events and entertainment.

    Cadet First Responder Team: Develops cadet leaders as nationally certified First Responders supporting installation and training events coordinated with 10th Medical Group medics.

    Cadet Media (Yearbook): Develops photography and journalism skills while recording memorable moments throughout each academic year.

    Combat Shooting: Teaches proficiency in small arms to qualify as an expert on Air Force rifle and pistol standards and reach instructor-level status.

    Drum & Bugle Corps: Performs musical marching for ceremonies and athletic events including Falcon football, basketball and hockey games.

    Falconry: Specializes in the caring, training and showcasing of multiple falcon mascots for public performances at local and national events.

    German Proficiency Badge Club: Tests cadets mentally and physically to meet German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge requirements.

    Honor Guard: Conducts requested military details honoring fellow cadets and graduates with pride, dignity and respect.

    Orchestra: Provides opportunities to perform classical music in a concert group setting and supports Academy events.

    Prior Enlisted Cadet Assembly (PECA): Fosters a smooth transition from enlisted to cadet life and develops a positive image of the enlisted corps within the cadet wing.

    RATTEX: Providing professional sound and lighting technical support in Arnold Hall theatre and remote locations at the Academy. Cadets learn the technical and creative aspects of supporting plays, live events and cinema in support of the Academy.

    Sabre Drill Team: Demonstrates professional military skills and discipline through the performance of intricate sabre drills.

    Sandhurst: Prepares and competes in the world’s premiere international academy military skills competition that inspires excellence through rigorous physical and mental challenges that reflect the tempo, uncertainty and tasks of combat operations.

    Yearbook Club: Develops photography and journalism skills while recording memorable moments throughout each academic year.


    Aikido: Increases awareness, unarmed combat skills and coordination to face uncertain situations with confidence and agility.

    Archery: Provides opportunities to learn discipline through range safety and recreational or competitive archery.

    Aviation: Uses cadet-operated flight simulators to improve understanding of military aviation and promote interest in flying as a skill and profession.

    Baseball: Competes in the National Club Baseball Association against collegiate clubs in Colorado and surrounding states.

    Bluebards: Provides opportunities to produce and perform in large theater productions.

    Cadet for a Day: Collaborates with Make a Wish Foundation to allow children ages 6-18 with severe illnesses to experience aspects of cadet life.

    Cadet Outfitters: Provides a safe environment to learn the laws and rules for local fishing, hiking, camping and hunting.

    Chess: Promotes the game of chess and participates in tournaments at local, national and international levels.

    Club Wrestling: Committed to providing both men and women the opportunity to compete in the World’s oldest combat sport.

    Combatives: Provides opportunities to apply a strict military fitness regimen.

    Eagle’s Club: Provides opportunities to serve in scout leadership roles and execute events.

    Falcon Crew: Motivates and channels cadets’ sense of excitement in Air Force Athletics at Intercollegiate competitions. We do this by promoting and executing cadet-specific promotions and opportunities filled with enthusiasm and spirit while representing the academy from the sidelines with respect and honor.

    Gaming: Provides opportunities to engage in various board and video games on weekends.

    Golf, Co-ed: Provides a competitive environment for cadets to engage and hone skills in golf.

    Golf, Men’s: Provides a competitive environment for male cadets to engage and hone skills in golf.

    Golf, Women’s: Provides a competitive environment for female cadets to engage and hone skills in golf.

    Ice Hockey, Men’s: Allows male cadets to compete in the American Collegiate Hockey Association in Division III play.

    Ice Hockey, Women’s: Develops non-intercollegiate female cadets in maximum physical potential, fostering appropriate competitive skill levels on the ice.

    Lacrosse, Men’s: The Men’s Club Lacrosse team is in its second year as an official club, and although new, the club is expected to be a top contender in its first season competing in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference this year.

    Lifting: A powerlifting club for men and women supporting fitness and competition.

    Model Engineering: Provides opportunities to construct and successfully fly model planes and helicopters safely.

    Motorcycle: The Mission of the Motorcycle Club is to educate, train, and mentor less-experienced and seasoned riders on how to maintain and operate a motorcycle safely and reduce poor behavioral choices on the road.

    Mountaineering: One of the Academy’s oldest cadet clubs, provides instruction to cadets on safe hiking, camping, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing activities and organizes frequent trips for cadets to practice these skills in the Colorado wilderness.

    Paintball: Develops the ability to think logically and calmly in high-stress situations while leading a small unit of individuals in the game of paintball.

    Pickeball Club: Provide a leadership-cultivating environment that enables cadets to continue skill-building through recreational and competitive play.

    Roundnet Club: The Roundnet Club combines camaraderie with the nation’s fastest-growing collegiate sport to develop teamwork and character.

    Ski, Recreational: Provides information on transportation and utilization of Colorado ski resorts and gear rentals.

    Soccer, Men’s: Allows male cadets to compete in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Soccer League.

    Soccer, Women’s: Allows female cadets to compete in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Soccer League.

    Tactical Simulation (TACSIM) / Airsoft: Helps develop officers to think calmly through high-stress situations while leading small groups.

    Taekwondo: a Korean form of martial arts, characterized by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

    Trap & Skeet: supports the development of future officers in the U.S. Air Force by inspiring dedication to a team greater than one’s self as well as perseverance and sportsmanship gained through competitive gaming.

    USAFA Bees Club: The mission of the USAFA Bees club is to maintain healthy honey bees at the Academy, promote and support native bees, and spread awareness about the importance of pollinators.

    Volleyball, Women’s: Provides opportunities to engage in the game of volleyball and compete in tournaments.


    Competitive Climbing Team: Trains climbers for competitions in bouldering, speed climbing and sport climbing in USA Climbing’s collegiate series.

    Cycling: Provides opportunities to hone cycling skills and compete in national cycling events.

    Equestrian: Encourages leadership and discipline through national horse riding competitions.

    eSports: Support the development of future officers in the United States Air Force by inspiring dedication to a team greater than ones’ self as well as perseverance and sportsmanship gained through competitive gaming.

    Falcon Crossfit: Pursuing excellence in the sport of fitness – ready for any challenge, anytime, anywhere! The club competes in local and national competitions and there’s a place for athletes at any level – whether you’re a beginner or a CrossFit Games alumni.

    Fast Pitch Softball, Women’s: Allows female cadets to hone softball skills and participate in national competitions.

    Judo: Teaches the martial arts of Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to participate in national competitions.

    Lacrosse, Women’s: Allows female cadets to hone lacross skills and participate in national competitions.

    Lifting: Provides a competitive and challenging environment for cadets. It’s our mission to inspire men and women to become officers of character through competition.

    Marathon: Facilitates participation in national and international competitive marathons, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    Rodeo: Competes in five rodeos each semester in the bull riding, team roping, barrel racing, calf roping and steer wrestling events.

    Rugby, Men’s: Allows male cadets to hone rugby skills and participate in national competitions.

    Rugby, Women’s: Allows female cadets to hone rugby skills and participate in national competitions.

    Ski, Alpine: Participates in regional and national college ski racing competitions.

    Ski, Freestyle/Snowboard: Facilitates a safe environment to hone skills and participates in competitive freestyle events.

    Ski, Nordic: Competes in the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association.

    Team Handball: Participates in national handball competitions.

    Triathlon: Cultivates knowledge of the sport and self-discipline through triathlon competitions.

    Ultimate Frisbee, Men’s: Allows male cadets to train and compete in the Ultimate Players Association.

    Ultimate Frisbee, Women’s: Allows female cadets to train and compete in the Ultimate Players Association.

    Volleyball, Men’s: Allows male cadets to hone volleyball skills and participate in national competitions.

    Water Polo, Women’s: Allows female cadets to hone water polo skills and participate in national competitions.


Cadet Clubs
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