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Cadet doing research

The Cadet Summer Research Program provides dynamic opportunities for cadets to take their research beyond the classroom and into real-world application.

Through the United States Air Force Academy’s robust research and development network, cadets engage in hands-on problem-solving of cutting-edge research topics while having opportunities to travel and collaborate with various military and civilian institutions around the world.

The Academy maintains more than 260 national and international research agreements which strengthen its private sector, government, and academic partnerships. These partnerships give cadets unparalleled access to advanced research facilities, equipment, and mentorship at institutions such as NASA, Boeing, Amazon, Tesla, the White House, the Library of Congress, U.S. Space Command, Cornell University and more.

The Cadet Summer Research Program has great impact across diverse fields of study. Cadets have conducted award-winning research in topics such as red blood cell manufacturing for use in field trauma, computer applications for bionic limb control, and the development of novel enzymes in degrading environmental carcinogens. These wide-ranging research projects create additional opportunities for cadets in the form of graduate research scholarships, substantial increases in research funding, and the awarding of patents.

Whether stateside or abroad, the Cadet Summer Research Program provides ample opportunities for travel, which prepares cadets for military life and broadens their global perspectives. Among these opportunities, cadets have ventured to Maui to conduct satellite research on top of a volcano as well as journeyed as far as Prague to research political and economic systems.



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