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Our innovation cell


USAFA Spark provides cadets resources and education to innovate ideas to enhance their Academy experience.

USAFA Spark provides cadets resources and education to innovate ideas that enhance their Academy experience. When our cadets have the passion to see a project through, it’s our goal to make it happen. We give cadets the opportunity to experience large-scale innovation through site visits, competitions and partnerships with industry.

We influence lasting, creative, positive change in our service and the Cadet Wing.

Recent projects

Patio proposal

With the goal of improving campus livability and cadet mental health, a group of cadets is working with faculty and industry to transform the south side patio of Mitchell Hall. They are looking to turn it into a multi-purpose outdoor seating area. The team is developing a comprehensive design for the space, acquiring funding, and submitting proposals to the Academy and State Historic Preservation Office

New academic minor

The aviation minor emphasizes aviation science studies and is the first-ever cadet instituted curriculum change. Topics include aviation weather, aeronautical decision making, and thermodynamics. The goal of this minor is to allow cadets to take ownership of their aviation education within their day-to-day academic lives.

Activity directory

A cadet-led team is developing a centralized directory for all cadet activities such as clubs, teams and squadrons in order to better connect cadets with their interests and their peers. The project aims to improve collaboration and synergy across the Cadet Wing.

Spark teaches cadets how to be open minded problem solvers and strive for improvement. Our cadets are encouraged to use their strengths and interests to guide the innovation process and create lasting results.

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