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The Preparatory School athletic program mirrors that of the Academy, focusing on competitive sports, physical conditioning/education and fitness testing to prepare cadet candidates for the rigors of athletic competition, and to develop the mental fortitude necessary to succeed at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Intercollegiate Sports

Preparatory School athletic teams compete against top-rated NJCAA, NCAA junior varsity, and other service academy Preparatory School teams. Walk-on players and managers are essential and encouraged!

Select cadet candidate recruited athletes may join a team or league in the local community for specialized sports in which the Preparatory School cannot field or coach a full team. Examples include, but are not limited to, tennis, men’s/women’s gymnastics, and swimming. Participation in specialized sports is based upon recruitment and limited to cadet candidates with the potential to compete at the Division I level.

Physical Conditioning

Cadet candidates participate in daily morning physical training (PT) sessions starting during Basic Military Training (BMT). These sessions consist of alternating aerobic and anaerobic exercises to improve strength and conditioning at a more rapid rate. Intramural sports are also a part of BMT and cadet candidates can choose to participate in football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or ultimate Frisbee.

Mid-way through the first quarter, a 10-lesson introductory physical education (PE) class is given to all non-intercollegiate recruited athletes and consists of:

  • Weight training exercises with a focus on proper technique
  • Long distance running to increase endurance
  • Indoor and outdoor sprinting to improve stamina
  • Hill training to improve acclimation, muscle strength and overall endurance and stamina
Fitness testing

Cadet candidates take the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) four times during their 10 months at the Preparatory School. The first PFT is administered at the end of BMT to assess overall cadet candidate levels of fitness. Success in the PFT, the same test cadets face at the Academy, while at the Preparatory School better prepares cadet candidates for Basic Cadet Training (BCT) and the physical demands of the four year cadet experience.