United States Air Force Academy

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Meet the Coaches and Crew

Athletic Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Lt Col Sean Tiernan Director of Athletics (719) 333-2574 sean.tierman@usafa.edu
Michael Walker Vice Director of Athletics/Defensive Line (719) 333-2291 michael.walker@usafa.edu
Maj Tasia Harris Director of Operations (719) 333-6305 tasia.harris@usafa.edu
Sports Medicine
James "Money" Willoughby Chief Athletic
Training Services
(719) 333-8556 james.willoughby@usafa.edu
Ashley Ziniel Head FB
Athletic Trainer
(719) 333-7165 ashley.ziniel@usafa.edu
Erin Guida Athletic Trainer (719) 333-6212 erin.guida@usafa.edu
Steve Pipes Head Coach (719) 333-6190 stephen.pipes@usafa.edu
Michael Walker Vice Director of Athletics/
Defensive Line
(719) 333-2291 michael.walker@usafa.edu
Robert Royer Offensive Line (719) 333-8549 robert.royer@usafa.edu
Maj Eric Zerhan Defensive Coordinator/
Outside Linebackers
(719) 333-2506 eric.zerhan@usafa.edu
Christian Spears Defensive Backs/
Special Teams Co-Coordinator
(719) 333-8530 christian.spears@usafa.edu
Preston Mays Running Backs/
Special Teams Co-Coordinator
(719) 333-9930 preston.mays@usafa.edu
Capt Desi Rodriguez Offensive Coordinator/
QBs Coach
(719) 333-6472 desi.rodriguez@usafa.edu
Men’s Basketball
Bob Cavera Head Coach (719) 333-6340 robert.cavera@usafa.edu
Capt Michael Lyons Assistant Coach   michael.lyons@usafa.edu
Women’s Basketball
Rynae Rasley Head Coach (719) 333-9921 rynae.rasley.civ@usafa.edu
Timothy Alger Head Coach (719) 333-6281 timothy.alger@usafa.edu
Aidan Tiernan Assistant Coach    
Non-Unifomed Sports
Soccer (co-ed)
Maj Erin Bellissimo Head Coach (719) 333-6441 erin.bellissimo@usafa.edu
Maj Jeff Overstreet PE Instructor   Jeffrey.overstreet@usafa.edu