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Sending Mail to Your Cadet

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Staying in touch with your cadet is easier when family and friends have the correct mailing information. Our postmaster has provided tips and helpful instructions to make snail mail a breeze no matter which mail carrier you use.

Top tip: Please do not mail packages during Aug/Jan months due to cadets ordering schoolbooks online. This delays the cadets being ready for class.


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United States Postal Service

The correct mailing address for your cadet is crucial. Mail not deliverable due to the incorrect address or insufficient information will be returned to the sender or sent to the Dead Letter Office if there is no return address. In addition to regular mail (envelopes) you may also send packages to the post office box and the cadets will receive a note in the boxes instructing them to pick up their packages at the counter. The address must be complete and correct.

Appointees were given their P.O. Box number online with their appointment package. Note that the zip code for cadets is 80841 rather than 80840.

The correct address for all cadets is:

John Doe

PO Box xxxx (post office box number)

U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80841-xxxx (post office box number)

If you wish, you can also put the cadet rank (C4C, C3C, etc. before the name or as a basic cadet it should be “Basic Cadet John Doe.”


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Our post office will accept packages from companies that don’t send to P.O. boxes and delivery services such as FEDEX, DHL, and UPS. You must use the post office’s street address for packages sent using any of these carriers. These packages will be placed in a secure parcel locker, if available.

Both street addressed mail and P.O. Box addressed mail can be delivered to your cadet’s P.O. Box.


John Doe
2360 Vandenberg # (cadet’s P.O. Box number)
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840 (note different zip code than regular cadet mail)

Prep School

5136 Community Center Dr. # (cadet candidate’s P.O. Box number)
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840

Real Mail Notification Services

Cadets can receive an email or text message each day if they receive new mail in their P.O. Box, Monday through Saturday. They will receive this notification only if they have mail.

Signature on File

Cadets can provide our post office with their signature which will be kept on file. This allows our post office to accept some signature-required mail and packages on behalf of cadets, which cadets can then collect. Cadets can enjoy the conveniences of this service for products such as Express Mail.


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Cadet Shipping by Amazon

Address to use for packages from Amazon:

Cadets living in Sijan Hall use the Amazon Hub Locker- Sijan

Cadets living in Vandenberg Hall use the Amazon Hub Locker – Enrico