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Influence Your Military Career with a Foreign Language


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HOW CAN I BENEFIT FROM FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY? Beyond helping to understand culture and broadening your worldview, studying a foreign language can influence your military career. Our ever-expanding global Air Force mission not only demands increasing foreign language capability to support the national security military strategies, but also provides challenging assignment opportunities for those looking for experience and diversification. Officers with foreign language proficiency are candidates for opportunities such as the Language Enabled Airmen Program (LEAP), graduate school, serving as a Foreign Area Officer, and competing to become an Olmsted Scholar or an Air Attaché at an embassy abroad.


Cadets majoring in any academic discipline may earn a specific language minor provided they complete five language courses beyond the 100-level, in the same language with a grade of ‘C’ or better, and take the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) no later than two months prior to graduation. Cadets who validate at or above the 300 level may count two of the validated upper level courses toward the minor and only take three courses in residence. Cadet Summer Language Immersion Program (CSLIP) courses (i.e. Arabic 400/401, Chinese 400/401, etc.) can also fill course requirements for the minor.


(Must have completed or validated German 131/132, Basic German, to enroll):

Course Title
GERMAN 221 Intermediate I: Refinement of Language Skills
GERMAN 222 Intermediate II: Continued Development of Language Skills
GERMAN 321 Advanced I: Capstone Course for Skills Development
GERMAN 322 Advanced II: Follow-on Capstone Course for Skills Development
GERMAN 365 Civilization and Culture
GERMAN 410 Current Events
GERMAN 420 Introduction to Literature
GERMAN 495 Special Topics
GERMAN 499 Independent Study

For full program requirements and course descriptions, download the current Course of Instruction Handbook.

Dr. Robert Carriedo
Director of Academics
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