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A Well Rounded Approach to Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Cadet studying

Social Sciences deals with human behavior in its social and cultural aspects. At the U.S. Air Force Academy, the following disciplines are within the social sciences: Economics, Geospatial Science, Management, Law, Political Science, Behavioral Science, and Military & Strategic Studies.

The major in Social Sciences is designed for the cadet whose interests and abilities lie in a broader program of study than a single disciplinary major would provide. The Social Sciences major requires completion of at least one course, as indicated below, taught in five of the seven disciplines included in the Social Sciences division. More concentrated study in one discipline is possible through the use of the Social Science Divisonal Options (any course(s) from the social
science disciplines).

Flexibility in course selection is one advantage of this major. A specialized graduate degree in a particular discipline would be an option after graduation. The Social Sciences major must be approved by the Social Sciences Division Chair or AIC.


134 Total Semester hours

  1. 93 Semester hours of Dean’s academic core courses to include:
    Core Requirement Required Core Options/Substitutes
    P/C/B Option 1 Choose 1
    P/C/B Option 2 Choose 1
    Statistics Choose 1
    Adv STEM Option Choose 1
    Adv Sociocultural Option Choose 1
    Adv Open Option Choose 1
  2. 5 Semester hours of Director of Athletics core courses.
  3. 36 Semester hours of major’s courses:
    1. Social Sciences Breadth Elective #1
    2. Social Sciences Breadth Elective #2
    3. Social Sciences Breadth Elective #3
    4. Social Sciences Breadth Elective #4
    5. Social Sciences Breadth Elective #5
    6. Social Sciences Depth Elective #1
    7. Social Sciences Depth Elective #2
    8. Social Sciences Depth Elective #3
    9. Social Sciences Depth Elective #4
    10. Social Sciences Depth Elective #5
    11. Social Sciences or Humanities Division Option
    12. Academy OptionSupplemental Information:
    1. Econ 423 (Managerial Economics) may satisfy a Mgt or Econ requirement.
    2. Soc Sci 420 (Law and Economics), taught by DFEG and DFL, may satisfy a Law or Econ requirement.
    3. Soc Sci 483 (Principles of Negotiation), taught by DFL and DFMI, may satisfy a Beh Sci, Law, or Mgt requirement. Also may satisfy Adv Sociocultural Option.
    4. Pol Sci 423 (Genocide and Mass Atrocity), taught by DFPS, may satisfy a Pol Sci or Law requirement.
    5. Any ForArStu course may satisfy one Social Sciences depth elective.
    6. Breadth Electives: Select five courses not used to fill a core requirement, each from a different discipline offered by the Social Sciences division (Behavioral Sciences, Economics, Geosciences, Legal Studies, Management, Military & Strategic Studies, and Political Science).
    7. Depth Electives: Select any five courses from any department within the Social Sciences division in any combination or concentration.
    8. Social Sciences or Humanities Divisions Option: Any three semester hour graded course taught within either the Social Sciences Division or the Humanities Division.
    9. Academy Option: Any course taught for credit under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty, Commandant of Cadets, the Director of Athletics, or the 306 FTG. Courses must carry at least three semester hours of credit. Academy Options may include EAP 109, Armnshp 461, Armnshp 491, or any non-core course worth at least 3.0 semester hours.

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