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To meet the Air Force’s increasing demand for officers with cross-cultural and foreign language skills, cadets can compete for a spot in one of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s international education programs, managed by the Office of International Programs.

Interested cadets and faculty may apply in mid-August. For questions, call (719) 333-3452.

The Academy’s experiential international education opportunities range from one week to one semester and include:

Cadet Summer Language Immersion Program

This summer program helps cadets rapidly improve foreign language and cultural skills. Cadets spend one summer period (typically 3.5 weeks) at an accredited university or language school, dividing their day between classroom learning and immersion in the local culture. In recent years, Academy cadets have traveled abroad to study language in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Oman, Spain, and Taiwan.

Cadet Semester Exchange Abroad Program

This reciprocal exchange program sends competitively selected Academy cadets to study abroad for one semester at military academies and one school in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Spain. The Academy hosts a similar number of cadets from these foreign academies and one school. Participation in this program greatly improves language fluency, cultural understanding, and knowledge about the armed forces of ally and partner nations.

Cadet Semester Study Abroad Program

This semester program offers cadets the opportunity to study abroad at civilian universities to increase language fluency and cultural understanding. Competitively selected cadets study for one semester at accredited universities in Latvia, Egypt, and Taiwan.

Foreign Academy Visit Program

The Academy hosts international cadets and officers during International Week each fall and Academy cadets and officers visit foreign academies over the following spring break. Delegations normally consist of three cadets and one officer.  Foreign Academy Visits for academic year 2024 include Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, Spain, and Thailand.

Cultural Immersion Program

This program is for cadets and their faculty mentors, who work together to plan a one to three-week spring break or summer experience. During the spring semester, cadets participate in a reading group or special topics course to study the culture or plan a project related to the country chosen for travel. This pre-travel preparation allows cadets to build on classroom knowledge during their time overseas. Cultural Immersion Programs for academic year 2024 include Australia, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Latvia, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, and South Africa.

Four-Year International Cadet Program

This program enables appointees from foreign nations to attend the Academy from Basic Cadet Training (BCT) through graduation. The Academy is authorized up to 60 international cadets at any given time under this program, that is directed by Title 10 and subordinate DoD directives. International cadets from 28 countries fully integrate into the Cadet Wing chain of command and conform to U.S. Air Force customs and courtesies. 

Military Personnel Exchange Program

To build, sustain and expand international relations, the Air Force has agreements with foreign countries to exchange personnel that are critical enablers of our Air and Space Expeditionary Force. Air Force Instruction 16-107 (Military Personnel Exchange Program) is the governing directive for maintaining these exchanges. Officers from Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Republic of Korea, and Spain currently serve on the Academy’s faculty, teaching foreign language and culture courses, as well as other subjects, depending on the officer’s area of expertise.