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A Well Rounded Approach to Engineering

General Engineering

Instructor in front of class

The General Engineering major is recommended for cadets who prefer a broad, flexible curriculum with a high degree of individual choice. It is also a sensible alternative for cadets already declared in a STEM disciplinary major who, for a variety of reasons, find the divisional approach more suited to fulfilling graduation requirements.

The General Engineering major is NOT ABET accredited.
The General Engineering major must be approved by the Division Chair or AIC.


134 Total Semester hours

  1. 93 Semester hours of Dean’s academic core courses to include:
    Core Requirement Required Core Options/Substitutes
    P/C/B Option 1 Choose 1
    P/C/B Option 2 Choose 1
    Statistics Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists Math 356
    Adv STEM Option Choose 1
    Adv Sociocultural Option Choose 1
    Adv Open Option Choose 1
  2. 5 Semester hours of Director of Athletics core courses.
  3. 36 Semester hours of major’s courses:
    Course Options Course Information
    1. Engr Option (See Supplemental Information 1)
    2. Engr Option
    3. Engr Option
    4. Engr Option
    5. Engr Option
    6. Engr Option
    7. Engr Option
    8. Engr/Bas Sci Option (See Supplemental Information 2)
    9. Engr/Bas Sci Option (See Supplemental Information 2)
    10. Math Option Math 243 (or Math 253), Math 340, Math 344, or Math 359
    11. Math 245 or Math 344 (See Supplemental Information 3)
    12. Open Option Any 200-level or higher course

    Supplemental Information:
    1. An Engineering Option is any course taught by the Engineering Division not used to satisfy any other requirement. There is no required distribution of courses from each department.

    2. An Engineering/Basic Science Option is any course taught by the Basic Science or Engineering Divisions not used to satisfy any other curriculum requirement. Additionally, Geo 351 (Introduction to Physical Geography) and Geo 353 (Geomorphology) may be used to satisfy this option.

    3.The Math Option and Math 245 may NOT be used to fill the STEM Core Choice or Open Core Choice requirements.