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Global Logistics Management (minor)

The Global Logistics Management minor provides a route for cadets from all majors to build the analytical and practical foundation to lead in the global logistics modernization for the Department of the Air Force. Logistics has always played a critical role in whether conflicts are won or lost and future competitions and conflicts will also be won or lost on the backbone of logistics. The Global Logistics Management minor focuses on the fundamentals of logistics, to include supply chain management, transportation, sustainability, information analytics, and control. The skills gained by graduates who complete the minor will equip them to handle the ever changing speed, demands, security, and interdependencies of logistics, which touch and enable nearly every element of the Air Force, and enhance a greater understanding of the function of logistics in any academic discipline.

Course requirements

The Global Logistics Management minor requires a minimum of 15 semester hours. The student must complete all courses with a grade of “C” or better. This is an interdisciplinary minor. No more than 3 courses for the minor can be from any one department.

1.Three required foundational courses:
Civ Engr 356 Sustainable Engineering*
Mgt 476 Logistics and Transportation Management
Mgt 478 Supply Chain Management
2. Choose at least one of the following analytic options:
Geo 440 Advanced Geospatial Analysis
Math 378 Applied Statistical Modeling
Mgt 391 Business Data Analytics
Ops Rsch 310 Systems Analysis*
 3. Choose at least one of the following breadth options:
Comp Sci 362 Computer Simulation
Comp Sci 471 Artificial Intelligence
Econ 374 Survey of International Economics
Econ 423 Managerial Economics
Econ 480 Defense Economics
Geo 340 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Geo 360 Economic Geography
History 369 Globalization: The History of People, Products, Ideas, and Systems in Motion
Mgt 477 Operations & Project Management
Mgt 498 International Management
MSS 421 International Power Projection
Pol Sci 445 Global Governance and International Institutions
Soc Sci 444 International Political Economy
Soc Sci 483 Principles of Negotiation*
Sys Engr 336 Engineering Economics and Financial Management

*These courses are also in the Core Advanced Choices Basket