United States Air Force Academy

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English & Fine Arts Faculty

Official photo of Dr. Kreg Abshire
Dr. Kreg Abshire

Distinguished Visiting Professor of English & Fine Arts

(719) 333-2730

Official photo of Professor Pam Aloisa
Professor Pam Aloisa

Professor of Art History and Art

(719) 333-2416

Official photo of Dr. Donald Anderson
Professor Donald Anderson

Writer in Residence and Professor of English

(719) 333-8465

Lieutenant Colonel David Buchanan

Associate Professor of English & Fine Arts

(719) 333-3930

Official photo of Dr. Amy Cooper
Dr. Amy Cooper

Assistant Professor of English & Fine Arts

(719) 333-8474

Daniel Couch
Dr. Daniel Couch

Assistant Professor of English


Lori Davis-Perry
Dr. Lori Davis-Perry

Associate Professor of English

(719) 333-8519

Jesse Goolsby
Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Goolsby

Deputy Department Head & Associate Professor

Ross Gresham
Dr. Ross Gresham

Professor of English

(719) 333-8522

Official photo of First Lieutenant Kelly Griffith
First Lieutenant Kelly Griffith

Instructor of English

(719) 333-3159

Captain Nathaniel Hall

Instructor of English

(719) 333-3673

Colonel Kathleen Harrington
Colonel Kathleen Harrington

Permanent Professor/Department Head

(719) 333-3930