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Aeronautics Research Center

The Aeronautics Research Center exists to provide a meaningful research experience for every Aeronautics Cadet, while providing high-value research products to government, academic, and commercial partners. With a robust research staff and strong engagement from Aeronautics faculty, cadets are provided with highly motivating learning experiences, solving real-world technical challenges and gaining skills critical in their pursuit of becoming 21st century engineers and pilots.

The Center is well-supported by the United States Air Force Academy’s Aeronautics Laboratory, which houses numerous wind tunnel facilities, gas turbine engines, propeller test stands, a combustion shock tube, full-motion flight simulators, and a well-equipped model shop for design and construction of novel small unmanned aerial systems. A robust technical staff provides the expertise required to conduct high-quality research investigations.

  • Low-Speed Aerodynamics
  • High-Speed Aerodynamics
  • Propulsion and Combustion
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Design-Build-Fly-Test
  • Active Flow Control
  • Fluid-Structure/Membrane Interaction
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Aerospace Vehicles
  • Vortex-Vortex Interactions on Multi-Swept Wings
  • Quiet and Efficient Propellers
  • Hypersonic Turbulent Boundary Layer Characterization
  • Suspension-Line Instability Characterization for Precision Airdrop Systems
  • Tail-less Aircraft Maneuverability and Control via Active Flow Control
  • Ignition Delay Time of Ethylene/Air Mixtures at Scramjet Relevant Conditions
  • Nose Articulation for Control of Missile Aerodynamics
  • Crippling Strength Characterization of Aircraft Battle Damage Repairs
  • Aeroacoustics of Supersonic Nozzles

Dr. Matthew Munson
Director, Aeronautics Research Center
(719) 333-2613