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Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Lab

The United States Air Force Academy’s Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) applies sports science principles to improve Academy athletic teams and individual cadet performance. Coaches, cadet athletes and cadets receive specific physiological information by way of testing, research, training and education.

The HPL also provides subject matter expertise on the Air Force fitness program and human performance, offering scientific data through research and exercise physiology principles. The HPL also provides an opportunity for various academic/scientific independent studies.

  • Various exercises for cadet athletes to train and enhance vision for sports performance and use of vision training to aid cadets in recovery from concussions
  • Hyperoxic tent to simulate sea level, used for interval or maximal effort training events to further adapt the skeletal muscle and improve athletic performance
  • Physiological tests to aid athletes and cadets to improve their performance, nutritional habits, and overall fitness level, including: Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scans for body composition, Resting Metabolic Rate, VO2max, Anaerobic Endurance, Anaerobic Power and Anaerobic Threshold
  • Testing and training of more than 1,800 cadets and approximately 100 faculty and staff members annually
  • Hosts more than 100 high schools, universities, elite athletes, professional sport teams and military personnel for tours and education
  • 1.5-mile Altitude Dose research study to determine if a significant difference in aerobic performance exists between five different altitudes and if it does, to what extent and if possible, determine a regression equation for each altitude to aid the Air Force in determining an appropriate correction factor at bases around the world
  • Providing fueling stations for all cadets before, during, and after physical activity to aid in proper nutrition and recovery from exercise
  • Ongoing internship program for senior level undergraduate or graduate students, in the field of exercise physiology, from around the country

Ms. Dyana Bullinger
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