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High Performance Computing Research Center

The High Performance Computing Research Center provides access to high performance computing resources (local and remote), high speed network access to those resources, and the expertise to use them efficiently.

These resources are available to all faculty, staff and cadets, regardless of academic department or discipline. As part of the Department of Aeronautics, HPCRC researchers assist aeronautical engineering majors to conduct research in computational modeling of aerodynamics and high-speed gas dynamics.

  • Access to DoD supercomputing resources
  • High-speed network access
  • Local compute cluster and storage systems
  • Partnerships with local universities for HPC research
  • Expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational aerodynamic modeling of full-aircraft for Air Force and DoD
  • Reduced-order modeling for stability and control characteristics for NATO air vehicles
  • Computational modeling of the USAFA Mach 6 Ludwieg Tube and hypersonic vehicles
  • Efficient use of next-generation, highly parallel computers
Working on a project at the High Performance Computing Research Center

Dr. Jürgen Seidel
(719) 333-9526 or (719) 333-4010