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Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension

The Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension (CAStLE) has a two-fold mission that supports aging structures and material degradation.

First, is to perform a wide range of research and technology development projects focused on delivering critical science and technology (S&T) products required to understand material degradation in structures and systems to various government, academic and commercial sponsors.

Second, but no less important, is to educate, train, inspire and otherwise prepare future generations that might become the core of the S&T community within the government and the general professional population.

  • Structural testing and analysis (full-scale, component level and coupon)
  • Material degradation (corrosion, cracking, etc.)
  • Material processing, testing, and development
  • Structural teardown analysis and root-cause analysis
  • Educational outreach and curricula development
  • Service loads and environment measurement and structural impact analysis
  • Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP) support for T-38, KC-135, and A-10 fleet
  • Multi-aircraft structural teardown analyses of KC-135, T-38, C-130, and B707
  • Educational outreach programs for OSD (course, science centers, student design challenges, etc.)
  • OSD Technical Corrosion Collaboration

Dr. Gregory A. Shoales, PE
(719) 333-6213