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Astronomical Research Group and Observatory

The Astronomical Research Group and Observatory (ARGO), based at the United States Air Force Academy Observatory, houses 61- and 41-cm telescopes and supports the worldwide Falcon Telescope Network (FTN).

ARGO conducts near-Earth research including resolved and non-resolved space object tracking, and deep-space research including asteroid tracking, astronomical spectroscopy and photometry and exoplanet studies. ARGO also supports the other Department of Physics research centers and grant work and hosts STEM Outreach activities at the observatory for Scout groups, school groups and teachers.

  • Space object tracking, identification, photometry and spectroscopy
  • Astronomical photometry and spectroscopy
  • Search for exoplanets using the FTN
  • High-resolution spectroscopy of exoplanet host stars
  • Light curve photometry of binary stars and supernovae
  • Hazardous near-Earth asteroid tracking
  • One-meter telescope acquisition to replace the existing 61-cm telescope

Dr. Devin J. Della-Rose
(719) 333-3266