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Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation Institute (HSVI)

The Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation Institute (HVSI), sponsored by the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program, is a national effort managed from the U.S. Air Force Academy. The vision of this effort is to bring together disparate DoD, DOE, NASA, academic and industry hypersonic research to address current shortcomings and advance the state-of-the-art in hypersonic vehicle simulation.

This program will enable academic and research institutions around the country to pursue advances in the ability to simulate the challenging aerothermodynamic and propulsion system phenomena—such as boundary layer transition, shock-shock and shock-boundary layer interactions, ablation, non-equilibrium chemistry and fluid/thermal/structural interactions—of hypersonic flight in order to accelerate technology development and transition into superior defense capabilities for the United States. Faculty and cadets associated with USAFA Research Centers may compete for funding through this effort in areas such as development and evaluation of hypersonic turbulence models, and creation of experimental data sets to enable verification and validation of new simulation capabilities.

Core Competencies
    Access to DoD supercomputing resources

  • High-speed network access and local storage systems
  • Partnerships with universities throughout the country for hypersonics research
  • Supersonic/hypersonic experiment and computation
  • Gas turbine and internal combustion research
Major Projects
  • The first area for funding was chosen to be development of improved turbulence models for use in hypersonic flight simulations, including design and conduct of experiments that could provide validation data for these models.
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