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At the United States Air Force Academy, Parents Weekend is an exciting opportunity for cadets to connect with their family—showcasing the Academy’s facilities and the new life cadets lead on base. Parents Weekend is held over Labor Day weekend, providing Academy families with an extended weekend to reunite.

On Friday, parents can tour the Flight Simulator, attend an Information Fair at Arnold Hall, visit the Cadet Chapel and view a Cadet Wing Parade. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit open houses at the Academy Airfield, Academic Departments at Fairchild Hall, Cadet Squadrons (dorms) and Athletic facilities. Fourth-Class cadet parents are invited to eat lunch with their cadet at Mitchell Hall.

On Saturday, the Academy hosts its first football game of the season at Falcon Stadium. Guests can purchase tickets through the Air Force Academy Ticket Office. Cadets must attend the game and sit with the Cadet Wing but do not require tickets. After the game, cadets are released to spend time with families off base but must report back by Monday at 7:10 pm (10:45 pm for first-class cadets).

Sunday offers tours of Jacks Valley, where new cadets attend Basic Cadet Training (BCT).

Parents Weekend information will be e-mailed to parents/guests who register via the Parents Weekend Registration link. Registration will begin in mid-July.

Note: Registration is not required but is simply a service to provide you with important information, including the Parents Weekend handout, schedule of events, Superintendent letter and parking pass. All items may be printed at home. If you are not able to print the items or do not have access to the internet, please ask your cadet to print the documents and send them to you or provide them upon your arrival. Please make sure to coordinate your visit with your cadet.

The base is currently open to visitors. You may be asked to show either a DoD ID card or your driver’s license upon entry to the base – you may also have your vehicle searched. If you have a handicapped placard from your state, please bring it with you so you can access the handicapped parking area (immediately north of Stillman Parade Field).