United States Air Force Academy

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Academy Center for Cyberspace Research



  • Autonomous swarm for low-level air superiority
    • Counter ISIS drone attacks
    • Superior SA over designated AOR
  • Leverage DARPA-funded swarm research
  • Tech development:
    • Autonomous visual IFF
    • Air-to-air intercept/mitigation
Fun Fact: The U.S. Air Force Academy was the first institution to fly heterogeneous swarm autonomously.


  • Objective Assessment of Security and Availability of any arbitrary network stack
    • Evaluate marginal value of additional components
    • Assess different architectures/configurations
    • Provide objective value/cost foundations for acquisition
  • Flexible analysis framework
  • Crowd-source security/availability measures
  • Dashboard for rapid report/assessment and comparison



Enhanced SA and Learning:
  • Immersion through augmented and virtual reality
  • Leverage existing and forming partnerships
  • Major impacts across the joint force
Immersive Debriefing:
  • Flight debriefs
  • Exercise reviews
Battlespace Augmentation:
  • Intel feeds
  • Expert reach-back
  • Telemed assistance
  • Maintenance
Virtual Scenarios:
  • Physical performance enhancement
  • Reflexive action training
  • Training
Virtual Battlespaces:
  • Next-gen C2
  • Mission planning
Fun Fact: 24,000 Thyssenkrupp technicians use Microsoft’s Hololens to project virtual interactive TOs, integrated historic data, and live-feed collaborative reach-back.  Thyssenkrup estimates this technology allows 4X faster product delivery.

Business Process Automation

  • Define and encode key AF business process for automated workflows
    • CSS Actions (pers processing, training status, CC programs)
    • AF processes (CE work orders, POM submissions, briefs, etc)
  • Automate actions/coordination
  • Link data into service management system
    • Reduce number of independent management services (reduces cost)
    • Reduces duplication
Fun Fact: Modern Service Management systems are made to allow customers to map business process to automation via workflows so that one system can perform numerous processes. The Air Force has purchased (and pays) for this technology as independent workflows vs only paying for the service itself (once) and then configuring for each business process.