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Academy Center Cyberspace Research


  • Jam Resistant Radios
  • Data Exfiltration Weaponeering
  • Provably Secure DNS
  • Red Team Assessments
  • ICS/SCADA Threat Detection
  • National Reconnaissance Office
  • U.S. Northnern Command
  • CyberWorx
  • U.S. Transportation Command
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Twenty-Fourth Air Force
  • National Security Agency
  • Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
  • And Many Commercial Partners


  • Multi-Domain C2
    • Partners:
      • CyberWorx
      • Air Combat Command
      • Air Mobility Command
      • Commercial partners
  • Malware Analysis
    • Partners:
      • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
      • Commercial Partners
  • Training Systems & Scenarios
    • Partners:
      • CyberWorx
      • Commercial Partners
  • Systems Analysis
    • Partners:
      • U.S. Transportation Command
  • UAVs and Autonomy
    • Partners:
      • U.S. Air Force Academy Behavioral Sciences Leadership
      • Commercial Partners
  • Provably Secure Systems
    • Partners:
      • Commercial Partners



Capstone Research Projects through ACCR

The below list of projects are actively being worked by faculty and students through the Computer Science and Computer and Network Security Capstone courses.

  • Computer Science (18 Cadets)
    Wildland Fire Mobile C2

    Designing and developing a mobile application for command and control for wild-land firefighters leveraging the SOF Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) tool, the goal is to extend the application to support firefighting-specific requirements.

    Partner: Colorado Fire Prevention and Control

    Robots for Autism Therapy

    Developing content for humanoid robots (NAO/Pepper) to provide STEM outreach to K-5 elementary students and for autism therapy.

    UAV Combat

    Developing automated behaviors for heterogeneous swarms of UAVs to perform air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.
    Partner: DARPA

    International Space Station Communications

    Leveraging artificial intelligence for the International Space Station and ground stations to optimally predict antenna and solar array configurations, with the intent to maximize line of sight connectivity.
    Partner: Johnson Space Center

    Virtual Reality 10M Jump Sim

    Creating a Virtual Reality (VR) simulation of being on and jumping off the 10M platform in the aquatics center to aid cadets in overcoming acrophobia (fear of heights).
    Partner: Commercial

  • Computer Network Security (8 Cadets)
    TRANSCOM Pen-Testing

    Performing real world red-teaming of the TRANSCOM networks and cyber security posture.
    Partner: USTRANSCOM

    Nuclear Weapon Testing Security

    Evaluating the cyber and connection security of test equipment used for nuclear weapon surety.
    Partner: AFNWC

    Virtual Badge Red Teaming

    Pen testing the virtual security badging system used for commercial enclaves.
    Partner: Commercial

    Cyber Exercise System

    Building assessment capability for enabling real world cyber-attacks during AF/Joint Operational Exercises to train/test DCO operators without taking down the broader exercise objectives/training.
    Partner: Commercial

    Cyber City Scenario Generation

    Creating unique ICS/SCADA attacks within Cyber City for enhancing the available scenarios and identifying real-world vulnerabilities.

  • Projects and research partners in development for 2018/2019
    SGX/BYOD security

    Integration of SGX capability to all segregation of personal and government enclaves on mobile device.
    Partner: Commercial

    Secure DevOps Risk Mitigation Framework Integration

    Integration of security testing and validation into a continuous delivery model that satisfies RMF requirements.
    Partner: Commercial

    IoT Security

    Security testing on IoT equipment and infrastructures.
    Partner: Commercial


    Collaboration with Comcast forensics center in Denver; potentially looking at Forensic tool development or Forensics training development.
    Partner: Commercial


    Cybersecurity research; potentially doing system security analysis on the CV-22 cockpit.
    Partner: Commercial

    AI and data analytics for intelligence

    Use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytic techniques for aiding intelligence collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination.
    Partner: DIA

    Immersive education environments

    Application of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology for immersive education and training.
    Partner: Commercial

    Next-Gen C2 systems and visualization

    Use of mobile, universal apps, cloud resources, and AR/VR to create advanced C2 interfaces.
    Partner: Commercial

    Survivable rapidly deployable internet at the edge

    Use of AI and robotics to deliver rapid and resilient connectivity in austere environments. Also possibly deliver offensive cyber capabilities.
    Partner: Commercial

    F-35 System Security

    System security analysis on the F-35 cockpit and helmet.
    Partner: Commercial

    AR Post Flight Debriefing

    Post flight debriefing of Red Flag using real world aircraft telemetry projected into augmented reality.
    Partner: Commercial

    TRANSCOM Pen-Testing

    Performing real world red-teaming of the TRANSCOM networks and cyber security posture.
    Partner: USTRANSCOM

    AI Support to USAFA Admissions

    Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze cadet candidate packages to determine likelihood of success as Air Force officers and in key desired career fields.
    Partner: U.S. Air Force Academy Admissions