United States Air Force Academy

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Computer and Cyber Sciences

Lt Kenworthy
Lieutenant Luke Kenworthy


(719) 333-3590

Lt Col Maher
Lieutenant Colonel James Maher

Deputy Department Head

(719) 333-7377

Maj McCarty
Major Katie McCarty

IFC Fellow & Instructor

(719) 333-7953

Lt McCoy
Lieutenant Rodney McCoy


(719) 333-4126

Lt Col McGinthy
Lieutenant Colonel Jason McGinthy

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-7622

Dr. Mello
Dr. Chad Mello

Assistant Professor

(401) 440-6596

Capt Paulson
Captain Zachary Paulson

Executive Officer and Instructor of Computer & Cyber Sciences

(719) 333-8793

Maj Sample
Major Kenneth Sample


(719) 333-7699

Official photo of Dr. Troy Weingart
Dr. Troy Weingart

Associate Professor

(719) 333-7658