United States Air Force Academy

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Computer and Cyber Sciences

Col Dressler
Colonel Judson Dressler

Permanent Professor & Department Head

(719) 333-3590

Dr. Beck
Dr. Shannon Beck

Assistant Professor

Major Birrer
Major Bobby Birrer

Cyber Science Branch Chief and Associate Professor

(719) 333-7951

Dr. Dennis J. Bouvier

Associate Professor

Official photo of Dr Joel Coffman
Dr. Joel Coffman


(719) 333-7664

Captain Michael Crowl


(719) 333-8631

Official Photo of Barry Fagin
Dr. Barry Fagin

Professor of Computer Science

(719) 333-7377

Official photo of Dr. Steven Fulton
Dr. Steven Fulton

DFCS Coleman Richardson Chair

(719) 333-7612

Official Photo of Steven Hadfield
Dr. Steve Hadfield

Associate Professor

(719) 333-7474

Lieutenant Colonel David Hancock

ACCR Director

(719) 333-4609

Civilian Sean Harris

(719) 333-6070

Dr. Hemmes
Dr. Jeffrey Hemmes

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-6802

Capt Hoekstra
Captain Jacob Hoekstra


(719) 333-8328

Capt Jameson
Captain Garrett Jameson

Instructor of Computer and Cyber Sciences

(719) 333-7698

Dr. Kallemyn
Dr. Benjamin Kallemyn

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-3399

Maj Kamrud
Major Alexander Kamrud

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-6803