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stay involved in your cadet’s life by communicating and remaining supportive.

Supporting Your Cadet

Cadets lead very busy lives. Practically every minute of their day is accounted for—from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. When they are not active with academics, athletics, military duties or character development, they are fitting in personal interest time. For more on what to expect, see what life is like as a cadet.

Though contact may be sparse at times, it is important for parents to stay involved in their cadet’s life, communicate and remain supportive. During Basic Cadet Training (BCT) receiving a simple card or letter from friends and family can lift your cadet’s spirits and provide much-needed encouragement.

After BCT, email is probably the best way to communicate with your child, as their Academy-provided personal computers become a central part of their daily lives.

Even when cadets are unable to respond to letters or emails due to time constraints, they still yearn for and need that contact from their loved ones, as well as a sense of connection to the outside world. Try not to become frustrated or discouraged at the lack of regular communication from your son or daughter.

Know also that your child’s safety and well-being is our top priority at all times. We maintain strict accountability for family and emergency contact information. If the safety of your child is ever in question, you will be the first one we call.

In case of a family emergency that requires you to contact your child immediately, keep your child’s squadron Air Officer Commanding (AOC) contact information handy.
More Ways to support your cadet


Parents should refrain from calling during the difficult BCT adjustment period. Cadets will be instructed to write home soon after BCT starts and provide parents with the name and home and duty phone numbers of their Air Officer Commanding (AOC) who directly supervises their squadron. During BCT, parents can contact the Parent Liaison who will route any questions and concerns.

Parent Liaison

Toll Free: 877-268-3383 | (719) 333-3828

The first opportunity cadets have to phone home is during Doolie Day Out, which is approximately halfway through BCT. Cadets and parents are strongly encouraged to communicate through cards and letters.

If an AOC cannot be directly reached in the event of an emergency, call the Command Post at (719) 333-2910/2911.

U.S. Postal Service

Cadet Mailing Instructions
The correct mailing address for your cadet is crucial. Mail not deliverable due to the incorrect address or insufficient information will be returned to the sender or sent to the Dead Letter Office (if there is no return address).

In addition to regular mail (envelopes) you may also send packages to the post office box and the cadets will receive a note in the boxes instructing them to pick up their packages at the counter. The address must be complete and correct. Appointees were given their P.O. Box number online with their appointment package (Note that the zip code for cadets is 80841 rather than 80840.) The correct address for all cadets and cadet candidates for normal mail is below:

John Doe
PO Box xxxx (post office box number)
USAFA CO 80841-xxxx (post office box number)

Prep School Cadets
John Doe
PO Box xxxx (post office box number)
USAFA CO 80840

(If you wish, you can also put the cadet rank (C4C, C3C, etc… before the name or as a basic cadet it should be “Basic Cadet John Doe”)

FedEx, DHL and UPS

The post office will accept packages from companies that don’t send to P.O. Boxes and delivery services (FEDEX, DHL, UPS etc…)

You must use the post office’s street address for these packages. Use the street address of your post office and benefit from the credibility of a street address. If you sign up for this feature, we will accept delivery by private carriers (FEDEX, UPS, DHL) that do not deliver to a P.O. Box. These packages would be placed in a secure parcel locker, if available, for your convince. Both street-addressed mail and P.O. Box addressed mail can now be delivered to your P.O. Box.

John Doe
2360 Vandenberg # (your P.O. Box number)
United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840
Note: Different zip code than regular cadet mail

Prep School Cadets
Street Addressing – Use the street address of:
5136 Community Center Dr. # (your P.O. Box number)
United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840

Real Mail Notification Services – Receive an email or text message each day you receive new mail in your P.O. Box, Monday through Saturday. You will receive this notification only if you have mail.

Signature on File – If your cadet provides the post office with their signature, they will keep it on file. This allows the post office to accept some signature-required mail and packages for you, which you can access at your convenience. Enjoy the conveniences of this service for products such as Express Mail.


Basic cadets are not allowed to receive care packages during BCT. However, upon completion of training, they are allowed to receive care packages from their parent and family at any time. The cadet area houses a fully functioning U.S. Post Office that allows cadets to receive mail and packages in a timely manner. Generally, newly accepted cadets are eager to receive care packages that include their favorite snacks, food, pictures of family and friends, cards and other letters of encouragement.

Deliveries and Gift Cards
  • Petals and Bloom (also known as Cadet Treats)
    On-campus service that delivers flowers and goodies to cadets. To order, call (719) 472-8589.
  • AAFES Gift Cards
    • Cadet Store
    • Arnold Hall (Subway and Wing Zone)
    • Base Exchange

To order, call (719) 472-1953 (cadet will have to pick up at the cadet store)

  • 10th Force Support Squadron Gift Cards
    • Polaris Perk
    • Hap’s Lounge
    • All 10 FSS activities – Outdoor Recreation (skiing and bicycle rentals and fun trips), bowling, golf, horseback riding, arts & crafts center, etc.

To order, call (719) 472-7930 (cadet will have to pick up at Polaris Perk).


Most parents are curious about their cadet’s grades and academic progress. The policy regarding the release of student grades to parents is dictated by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This law specifies that educational records of the students may not be released without (1) the written consent of the student that specifies those educational records to be released and to whom, or (2) judicial order or subpoena of the student’s educational records. In the latter situation, the student must be notified of the institution’s compliance with the order or subpoena. Based on this policy, the Academy provides grade reports directly to the cadet.