United States Air Force Academy

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Geosciences Faculty

Lt Col Cook
Lieutenant Colonel Justin Cook

Deputy Director, Geospatial Science & Sr. Instructor of Geosciences

(719) 333-2864

Dr. Davis
Dr. Amélie Davis

Assistant Professor of Sustainability, Planning, and Geospatial Sciences

(719) 333-8735

Dr. Edson (DFEG)
Dr. Curtis Edson

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Science

(719) 333-0926

Dr. Steven Gordon

Director of Geosciences

(719) 333-3067

Dr. Holt
Dr. Jennifer Holt

Instructor of Geoscience

(719) 333-3068

Maj Lackey
Major Jason Lackey

Assistant Professor of Geosciences

(719) 333-6502

Kelly Lemmons
Dr. Kelly Lemmons

Associate Professor

(719) 333-1750

Dr. Radil
Dr. Steven Radil

Assistant Professor of Geosciences

(719) 333-3549

Maj Torielli
Major Camille Torielli

Instructor of Geosciences

(719) 333-9492

Dr. Justin White

Assistant Professor of Geosciences

(719) 333-3080