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Dr. Justin White


Department of Economics and Geosciences

Contact Information

(719) 333-8732



Dr. White is a professor of Geoscience with expertise in geospatial techniques, spatial data science, and human-environment interactions. He currently teaches geospatial theory and analysis courses. His research interests bridge spatial analysis, AI applications, and remote modeling of environmental systems at various scales. He has worked in Haiti, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Greece, and Virginia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Georgia, Colorado, and Utah, USA. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family and recreating outdoors.


PhD, Geography, University of Nevada

MS, Geography, Virginia Tech

BS, Geographic Sciences (Physical and Human Geography), Geology minor, James Madison University

Data Science Certificate, Harvard, pending

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Geosciences, United States Air Force Academy

Data Science and Geospatial Analytics Advisor, Maplewell Energy

Assistant Professor, Earth Science, Utah Valley University

Visiting Assistant Professor, Geography, Univ. of Wisconsin, Parkside

Instructor, Geography, University of Nevada – Reno

Courses instructed:
  • Introduction to GIS
  • Introduction to Geotechnology
  • AI in GIS
  • Advanced Geospatial Analysis
  • GIS Design Studio
  • GIS Data Science
  • Advanced Explorations in GIS
  • Remote Sensing of Environment
  • Environmental Change Analysis
  • Physical Geography
  • Natural Disasters
  • Climate Change
  • Culture and Environmental Sustainability
  • Sustainability
  • Human Geography
  • World Regional Geography
  • Oceanography GIS
  • Geomorphology
  • Biogeography
  • Paleoenvironments
Research and Scholarly Interests

Geospatial data science

Remote sensing and autonomous systems

Predictive analytics

Environmental modeling

Biogeography and human-environment systems


White JH, Philipps CS, Ormsby ZE, Bloom P, Snook J, Dinndorf S (in review) Spatial analysis reveals urban avoidance by Golden Eagles in the west-central Great Basin, USA. Journal of Raptor Research.

White JH, Radil SM, Irmischer IJ (in review) Using terrain-derived indices and environmental metrics to examine the spatial context of undocumented immigrant mortality along the USA-MEX border. Forensic Science International: Reports. 

White JH, Philipps CS, Chandler LB (2023) Using airborne thermal imaging to understand American Coot movement patterns in a hot spring refugium during winter. Wetlands Ecology and Management. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11273-023-09957-w

White JH, Ormsby ZE, Snook JS, Nussear K (2022) A spatial gradient analysis of urban Red-tailed Hawk nestling diet. Journal of Urban Ecology, 8(1):juac028

White JH, Heppner J, Ouyang JQ (2022) Increased lead and glucocorticoid concentrations reduce reproductive success in House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) along an urban gradient. Ecological Applications, 32(8):e2688