United States Air Force Academy

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Team high fives after a successful flying mission.
We employ advanced research methods, labor economic theory, causal analysis, and econometric techniques, and by leveraging a team of assigned and affiliated PhD analysts specializing in economics, behavioral science, social science, and management science with people practitioners and data programmers.


Acting Director, Col. Francis Murphy, PhD
Associate Director, Dr. Nathan Wozny, PhD
Deputy Director, Lt. Col. Bryson Rintala, PhD
Chief Data Officer, Mr. Jeff Dyer
Director Emeritus, Col. Justin Joffrion, PhD

Data Team

Data Programmer, Master Sgt. Tristan Lawrence
Data Programmer, Tech. Sgt. Samuel Matthews
Database Administrator, Mr. Jack Wierengo

Support Staff

Economist, Mr. Robert West
Resource Manager/Budget Analyst, Mrs. Barbara R. Cook
Research Assistant, Mr. Jacob Jackson (CTR)

Join our Team
  • Upcoming available Field Grade Officer position will be advertised for Summer VML in Fall 2024.
  • Upcoming available PhD researcher position will be advertised in Fall 2024.