United States Air Force Academy

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Ground troops work on B-52 on runway.

OLEA’s projects cover all system components within the Talent Management system. Included below are recent and ongoing project focus areas and projects.

Job Classification
  • Office Classification Modernization
  • Career Field Matching Disparities
  • Career Field Preferences and Retention
  • Space Force Personnel Mgmt. Act Economic Analysis
  • Airman Leadership Quality Consultation
  • Warrant Officer Career Track
  • Civilian Faculty Compensation Analysis
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Eligibility
  • Blended Retirement System Retention Impacts
  • Selective Reenlistment Bonus Effects
  • Recruiting Population Analysis
  • Marijuana Legalization Effects on Recruiting
  • Rater Incentives Consultation
  • Leadership Assessment Consultation
  • Support for Military Family Criteria in Basing Decisions
  • Unmet Childcare Needs
  • Talent Marketplace Effects Consultation
  • Resiliency Impacts
  • Social Support and Destructive Behaviors
  • Board Composition: Mock Board Study

OLEA delivers five key types of services and products by applying labor and economic theory, leveraging linked longitudinal data for novel research and analysis to strengthen senior leader decision making. Product types include “phase zero” consultation, issue briefs, technical briefs, analytical projects, and academic research.

Phase Zero Consultation
  • Great Power Competition, Line of Effort – People, Workforce Planning
  • Airman leadership qualities
  • Civilian Faculty Compensation
  • USAFA Data Strategy
  • USAFA Admissions Academic Criteria
  • Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation Basic Housing Allowance analysis
Analytical Projects
  • Officer Classification Modernization
  • Blended Retirement System Retention Impacts
  • Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay
  • Marijuana Legalization Effects on Recruiting
  • Social Support for Harmful Behaviors
  • Board Composition: Mock Board Study
Issue Briefs
  • Warrant Officer Career Track
  • Unmet Child Care Needs
  • Recruiting Population Analysis
  • Rater Incentives
Technical Briefs
  • Child Care Policy Evaluation
  • Pilot Retention ADSC Policy
  • Assignment Location Effects
  • Rated Assignment of Preference Evaluation
Academic Research
  • OLEA researchers are active in their respective disciplines by publishing their research, including any generalizable OLEA projects that contribute towards scholarship.